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Monday, May 6, 2019

Buhari Under Fire For Saying Police IG Is Loosing Weight Over Insecurity

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, textEzekwesili Slams Buhari’s Comment On IG’s Weight, Says It’s A Joke On Insecurity. A former Minister of Education and human rights activist, Mrs. Oby Ezekwesili, has condemned President Muhammadu Buhari for what she referred to as a “callous joke about insecurity.”
Ezekwesili was reacting to a video in which the President had equated the dwindling weight of the Acting Inspector General of Police, Muhammad Adamu, to his working hard at securing the nation. After he arrived the country from his 10-day private visit on Sunday, a reporter had asked the President: “Are we likely to see a different approach in the fight against insecurity, especially kidnapping, which is a big issue now, Sir?”

And the President had responded: “You know, I have just seen the IG, he is… I think he is losing weight; so, I think he is working very hard.”
Ezekwesili took exception to the President’s response, noting that it was a “callous joke about insecurity after ten days of Buhari leaving his country for some opaque private visit.”In a series of tweets on Monday, Ezekwesili said, “Citizens of every country have the power to determine how their political class can treat them;” noting that, “Until we are collectively ready to end the joke that our political class has turned Nigeria into, they’ll continue.”
She said she had frankly decided to never again waste her voice on a political class that has no redeeming prospect of caring about their citizens, “But I could not hold back at this callous joke about insecurity after ten days of Muhammadu Buhari leaving his country for some opaque private visit.”
“And this is supposed to be funny? A President Buhari making a joke of the daily drenching of the country in the blood of his citizens who are killed daily without any consequence while he bears the title Commander-in-Chief?” She then warned, “Carry on. Someday the citizens will be ready.”


Evangelist Christian N Ndife

Just to show the world how wicked and insincere this regime is . They knows what they 're doing with the blood of the innocent nigerians . They are securing their families with heavy securities but other citizens are animals that they can slaughter any time any day they wants . But God is on His Throne watching .

Olabode Newsman

Wicked man

Lucky Blings

I don’t blame buhari or Apc I blame the stupid Nigerian party fanatics that voted 🗳him in for the second time

Efo Anyasi

Has Buhari ever been serious, except when it comes to bigotry, despotism and nepotism?
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