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Thursday, July 4, 2019

Naira Marley’s 'Soapy' Ranked Most Played Song In Nigeria

Barely 24 hours after dance queen, Kaffy condemned Naira Marley's 'Soapy' for containing disgusting and immoral dance steps. Soapy, tops as number #1 and most played songs in Nigeria. Naira Marley took to his to share the news and told his fans to comment something sweet because he wants to laugh. However, popular dancer, Kafayat Shafau, otherwise known as Kaffy, has condemned the controversial dance step, Soapy, popularised by musician, Azeez Fashola aka Naira Marley. 

The dance step, which is done by imitating the act of masturbation, was demonstrated in a video posted by Naira Marley last week. Reacting to the dance step, however, Kaffy, who is a Guinness World Record holder in dance, said on Instagram, “I am sorry;
I can’t take this. I have never seen a more disgusting, immoral dance like the so-called Soapy. It should never be encouraged. I am really disappointed. “As dancers we should speak for what is right. We shouldn’t encourage this for the sake of trending especially when it is not even censored from kids. To an adult, it is even offensive. Rubbish!” In reaction Marley said: "You're Not The Queen Of Dance Anymore"
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