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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Sacked Dunamis Pastor Abraham Daniel Says Dr Paul Enenche Plans To Do Something Bad To Him

A former Dunamis Pastor Abraham Daniels comes heavily against Pastors. Calls them business men.
Former Pastor Abraham was the resident pastor of Dunamis international gospel Centre Karu district of Abuja before he was sacked for gross misconduct, cheating and stealing of funds donated by parishioners.
He is currently attacking Pastors via his Facebook account Abraham Daniels. He claims Pastor Paul Enenche is planning to do something BAD to him. According to him:

"I now know why the religious leaders in the days of Jesus Christ killed him,and even went after the Apostles. In All My Write Up I Never Mentioned Any Name Nor Did I Post Any Picture Of Dunamis. You Can Not Stop The Reformation That Is Coming. I Volunteeryly Resigned. They are now resorting to cheap blackmail.
Well I'm not afraid because Jesus Christ is with me. But this is to inform everyone that If Anything Happen To Me Dunamis International Gospel Centre, Dr. Paul Enenche And His Family Should Be Held Responsible."

HE Also Said:
Three ways to know a religious Centre
1. The accountant must be a member of Gos family or a puppet.
2. The Admin is either the Gos wife or a robot
3. Their Children or inlaw must pastor where tithe and offering are very plenty.

People are reacting that Abraham Daniel is attacking DUNAMIS because he was sacked for stealing church money.
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Uviase Efetobore Franklyn

Pastors? Because they sacked him, now he wants to look for a means to get at his former employer.

Enyinda Nathaniel Okey

These pastors should give us a break. He was sacked. It might have taken investigations and indictments for him to be sacked. Now he talks about revolution. This is a poor mentality

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Since you said you didn't call or use anyone's image on your posts,why are you then pointing at a particular person direction that he should be held responsible if anything happen to you?. Shut up ya mouth there bros

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