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Thursday, March 25, 2021

China Military Bans Tesla Cars For Having Hidden Spying Cameras

 China, the world’s biggest market for electric vehicles, is key to Elon Musk’s global growth ambitions.

Tesla Inc. cars have been banned from Chinese military complexes and housing compounds because of concerns about sensitive data being collected by cameras built into the vehicles.

The order, issued by the military, advises Tesla owners to park their cars outside of military property, according to people familiar with the directive who asked not to be identified

because the information is private. The ban, relayed to residents of military housing this week, was triggered by concerns that the world’s biggest maker of electric vehicles is collecting sensitive data via the cars’ in-built cameras in a way the Chinese government can’t see or control, one of the people said.

Images of what was purported to be a notice about the ban were also circulating on Chinese social media. Multi-direction cameras and ultrasonic sensors in Tesla cars may “expose locations” and the vehicles are being barred from military residences to ensure the safety of confidential military information, the notice said.

A representative for Tesla in China declined to comment on the military’s move. China’s Defense Ministry didn’t immediately respond to a fax sent after after business hours.

Tesla, like many other automakers including General Motors Co., uses several small cameras, mainly located on the outside of the vehicle, to help guide parking, autopilot and self-driving functions. Most Tesla models also have an interior camera mounted above the rear view mirror that can be used to detect whether a driver is looking at the road, looking down at their lap, wearing sunglasses, or looking at something else entirely.


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Lawal Kolawole

China thing always day different

Endy Edeson

Lawal Kolawole They indirectly don't need American car brands .

Adegbola John

THEY Are rejecting America products with excuses they are giving out here

Okafor Chuks Marius

No matter all kind of Trade war between USA and China.....china cannot do anything...china used to invest mostly only in local production while USA invest all round....USA are the owner of google company...And china is trying to hack there microsoft.

Over honkung freedom and Taiwan matter.
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