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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Shirtless Photos Of Russian President Vladimir Putin ; Sexiest Man

Russian President Vladimir Putin, the man who was famously pictured topless whilst riding on horseback and fishing, has been voted as the country's sexiest male.

A survey of 2,000 Russian men and women found that the Kremlin leader is Russia's is the most good looking man in the country.

The 68-year-old bachelor was the only man to reach double figures in the poll by job board site SuperJob.

When asked who the most attractive man in the country was, 18 per cent of men

and 17 per cent of women voted for Putin. But this was down by one per cent in each group compared to the previous year.

'Russians still call Vladimir Putin the most attractive of the famous men in the country,' the site said. 'In this field neither actors, nor athletes, nor other politicians can compete with him today.'

Putin has been pictured with his shirt off - sometimes fishing, holding a fun or riding on horseback - while on holiday in the past.

He insisted in 2018 that he was not embarrassed about the topless snaps and said he saw 'no need to hide behind the bushes' while on vacation.

The photos were largely seen as an attempt to cultivate a powerful image of a man of action. And that seems to have worked, according to the latest poll.


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Oto George

You want to count bones

Iyoha Ose Martins

Putin, world most powerful man

Benie Jerrbrain

He is really handsome and full of good ideas

Sadan Ibrahim

How many presidents do go shirtless?

Danny Abu Kads

I think insanity to go shirtless

Hathor Beth Akula

Fitness goals Mr president

Rt Hon Lawrence Luka

If Buhari go shirtless, you'll count bones tire

Luc Ifans

Nigerian will tag it nonesense
WhatsApp mummies and daddies would even say it's embarrassing

Best Alfa

My foster president
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