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Friday, September 10, 2021

Radio Presenter Nedu Discovers His First Son Does Not Belong To Him

 Our first child not my son – OAP Nedu reacts to wife’s domestic violence accusation. Popular On Air Personality, Nedu Wazobia has reacted to the domestic violence accusations leveled against him by his estranged wife, Uzor.

Recall that his estranged wife, Uzor accused him of domestic violence and being a stray dad.

Uzor, in a post via her Instagram story, on Friday night accused her husband of not catering for his kids.

She also accused him of battering her a few weeks after she had an operation while his mother watched.

Uzor further wondered why Wazobia FM still allows her husband to host marriage talks and shows even when he is one of the many men that beat their wives to stupor.

In reaction Nedu said paternity test revealed that his first son is not his biological child.

According to him, ”My marriage was one plaqued with many crises, one of which was infidelity.

“Our marriage was one plaqued with many crises, one of which was infidelity.l from her side that led to me conducting paternity test on our kids which led to the revelation that my first son is not my biological child even though he was born within the period we got married.

Mrs Uzoamaka Ani, the ex-wife of popular comedian, Chinedu Ani, has threatened to sue Osama Akpunonu aka OsamatheComedian, who is her ex-husband's colleague.

Osama had on Saturday shared more insights into the troubled marriage between his colleague and Uzoamaka.

Comedian Osama who is a close friend of media personality, Nedu, has defended him after he was called out by his ex-wife, Uzoamaka over an alleged domestic violence while they were married.

It was reported that while Uzoamaka in an Instagram post , accused Nedu of domestic violence while they were married and battering her few weeks after she had a caesarean operation, Nedu denied the allegation and also accused her of infidelity and having a child that was not his while they were married.

The media personality's friend, Osama who has now waded in, alleged that Nedu was the one suffering domestic violence and had to flee from his house in 2017 without any cloth but just his car.

The comedian who also shared a photo of an injury Nedu sustained, accused Uzoamaka of attacking her ex-husband to a point of him locking the door for his safety.

Osama further alleged that the pregnancy that led to their marriage wasn't for the media personality, but for Uzoamaka's elder sister's husband. The comedian also alleged that the media personality's ex-wife invites her alleged lesbian partners to her matrimonial home at that time, and allegedly sleeps with them in same house.

Recounting how Uzoamaka allegedly led an attack against Nedu in his office, Osama stated that she can't bring Nedu down because of her hatred for his success..

He wrote;

If Nedu wont talk about this issue, I will. I have been there from day one and I know everything, not just me, plenti other people.
The domestic violence this woman is claiming is funny because Nedu is even the one suffering the domestic violence. He had to run out of the house in 2017 without any clothes, just his car.

This woman in question most times attacks him so bad that he even locks the door sometimes for his safety.

Madam @hazel_uzor did you tell them that the pregnancy that made both of you marry turned out not to be Nedu’s child? Did you tell them also that the child belongs to your elder sisters husband.
Did you also tell them how you invite your lesbian partners to the house to sleep with them while you were under his roof…

Madam no let me talk…bacause gist plenti…

See the DNA of the boy and a picture of your injury on him.
Do you know that the day this woman attacked Nedu at the office and inflicted injuries on him, he had to run naked into this office.

Make I continue to talk?
Because gist plenti.
Don’t bring a good man down because of your hatred for his success.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

The Lagos State Police command has invited Uzoamaka Ohiri, the former wife of comedian, Chinedu Ani, a.k.a Nedu.

Punch correspondent learnt that policemen attached to the State Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, visited her home in the Ajah area of Lagos State on Tuesday evening, but she was not at home.

They subsequently told the security guard to inform her to report at the SCID on Thursday.

Speaking with The Punch on Wednesday, Uzoamaka’s cousin, who identified himself only as Peter, said, “Policemen attached to Panti came to the house on Tuesday evening, but she was not around.

“They asked the security guard to sign a document and then they asked her to come to their station.”

A member of her legal team from Wingman Legal Chambers also confirmed that the comedian’s ex-wife had been invited.

“It is true. She was asked to report at the SCID tomorrow morning,” he said.

“She may have already been arrested because I have not been able to reach her all day,” said Uzoamaka’s cousin, Peter.

The mother of three has been trending on social media for the last five days after accusing her ex-husband of domestic violence.

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