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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Soldiers Seize Power In Guinea, Dissolves Constitution, President Kidnapped

 Guinea’s special forces claimed Sunday to have captured President Alpha Conde and “dissolved” the country’s institutions, in a video sent to an AFP correspondent.

The fate of Guinea's President Alpha Condé is unclear after an unverified video showed him in the hands of soldiers, who said they had seized power.

They appeared on national TV claiming to have dissolved the government.

This follows hours of heavy gunfire near the presidential palace in the capital, Conakry.

The West African country of Guinea is rich in natural resources but years of unrest makes them one of
the world's poorest countries.

The TV address featured nine unnamed soldiers, several draped in the red, gold and green national flag, who said they had taken over because of rampant corruption, mismanagement and poverty.

Calling themselves the National Committee for Reconciliation and Development, they said the constitution had been dissolved and that there would be consultations to create a new, more inclusive one.

Numerous reports say the coup was led by an elite unit headed by a former French legionnaire, Lt Col Mamady Doumbouya.

In one video, which the BBC has not been able to verify, soldiers ask President Condé, 83, to confirm he is unharmed but he refuses to respond.

Sitting barefoot on a sofa wearing jeans and a printed shirt, he does not have any visible injuries.

Members of the Armed Forces of Guinea drive through the central neighbourhood of Kaloum in Conakry on September 5, 2021 after sustainable gunfire was heard.
Image caption,
There were several hours of heavy gunfire in the heart of Conakry

Those behind the coup said that all land and air borders had been closed for a week.


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Eteyen Edet

Useless Nigeria soldiers....all what the know doing best is to beat people up and down.....hissss

Kelvin Ademeso

Where are the clueless soldiers in Nigeria 🤔 dieing every day fighting imaginary bandit and boko. They will never do the needful only to oppress civilians

Ade Ola Olu Mide

God when??
Nigeria soldier get sense now

Yusuf Umaru

Terrorists responsible for killing policemen and soldiers are here calling on the same security forces to overthrow a democratically elected government, mek una go abuja try am na, e no far

Ajala Stephen Opeyemi

Nigeria is d next

Ikwuamaka Nwazuru

Thank God Endy Edeson has no reason to think or talk about Kerewa.....try ham wada Guinea soldiers no go con carry u too

Chris Chelsea

Lazy and criminals soldiers that all we have here in nigerian!! Can you see what your colleagues are doing?? Nice one....how I wish you can come here and help kidnapped this Buhari as well

Obinna Christopher Nwabuikwu

Nigerian soldiers are only good at disturbing citizen instead of them to chase all the malu from Aso rock infact our army are very corrupt nd no unity

Joseph Ukuhwa

Very good that's what African countries want I wish same thing would have happen in Nigeria
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