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Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Sheikh Gumi Establishes School For Herdsmen In Kaduna State

 Renowned Muslim preacher, Sheikh (Dr.) Ahmad Gumi has established a school for herdsmen inside a Kaduna forest, insisting that the provision of infrastructures to herdsmen in their remote locations could help in curbing their violent ideologies.

He said insecurity in Nigeria, particularly banditry can become a thing of the past, as bandits are ready to drop their arms if opportunities like education and other basic amenities are provided for them at the grassroots.

He named the school Sheikh Uthman Bin Fodio Centre, located at Kagarko Grazing Reserve near Kohoto Village

in Kaduna State.

The school was built by Sheikh Gumi funded Mosque Foundation Limited, Kaduna.

“If the centre which is designed to educate the herdsmen is replicated everywhere in the Country, Nigerians will live in peace,” he said.
“Instead of spending billions on military hardware to fight the bandits, Nigeria should spend such money on schools and teachers.I have spoken with the bandits and they have expressed willingness to drop their arms and embrace peace, if their children can be given education and other social amenities,” he said.

“What motivated me to start this project was to solve the insecurity problem we have from the root because every crime has its perpetrators and perpetrators are drawn from a pool so we want to go there and dry the pool and we found out that education is the best cure.”


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Chukwudi Chris

Creation of forest schools of banditry for both foreigners and local Fulani invaders and killers is not a bad idea for the Northern conquest and domination agenda. After all their boldness and meanness is written everywhere. What is my problem is the lack of insight by the southern part of Nigeria and the insensitivity of most Christians living under this an almost Islamic normadic Fulani empire called Nigeria.

Yahaya S Muhammed

He did the right thing

Sesugh Robert Shekua

They Said School (Boko) Is Haram

Agboola A Isaac

Yahaya, s Muhammad, he did right thing, but you people don't value education, example:(Book) Haram, called Boko Haram, alimajiri is yours goal 🙆🙆

Philip Yakubu Yamai

And kanu is in detention for fighting for his right Nigeria is really a Zoo 😕

Satimehin Babatunde Makanjuola

I just don't still understand what these bandits want, there is more to these. The same bandit that attack the schools they said they want for their own children and still hold those children hostage for ransom. Gumi should just limit is building of schools for terrorist to the north, and don't even dream or think of replicating such everywhere in Nigeria. Oh ruga did not work, you people want to go another way. Someone should ask Gumi where are the Alimajiri schools Jonathan government built in the north. If you are fighting for improvement in school infrastructure among others, they weren't suppose to go after citizens like them who are victim of the spoilt system. They were suppose to go after the people in government, the elite, the Emir who has kept us in these mess.

Jegede Olanrewaju

Would he be teaching them tricks to herding or how to approach farmers when the cows invade their farms😃

Prince Oluwaseun Balogun

America should set drown to spy the terrorist sch.

Amos Roboudu Mohammed

School where they will teach student terrorism.

Boma Pepple-Uduebor

What about alimajiri? This must be really special

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