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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Meet Billionaire Tonye Cole, Is He The Next Governor Of Rivers State?

Billionaire Business man / (APC) chieftain in Rivers, Mr Tonye Cole, said he would unseat the present government in the state in 2019.
Cole, who is aspiring to succeed Gov. Nyesom Wike, if given the ticket of his party, said that he would tackle economic and security challenges which the present administration had failed to do.
He told newsmen in Abuja on Wednesday, after submitting his nomination form for the party’s primaries that he would attract foreign direct investment into the state.
According to him, Rivers has the capacity to attract investors if the conducive business environment is created.
Cole, therefore, said that he would use his experience and connection in the business world to actualize the dream of improving on the economic status of the state, if given the opportunity.

He also said that wealth distribution at the grassroots was a major objective of his
aspiration, adding that he would ensure that rural people were lifted out of poverty.
“Wealth distribution among the grass root people is extremely vital.
“I want to make sure that everybody in Rivers at the grassroots, who have been down, who has been impoverished, who does not have peace and security, are taken care of.
“From an industry perspective, I have been operating at the global level; I travel a lot, I have worked with a lot of people and people know me for doing business with passion.
“We believe that we can attract investment and secure investment in Rivers.
“Rule of law will be protected and they would be able to generate employment for the people of the state,’’ he said.
On security, Cole said that he would engage with the people for them to understand the negative impact of insecurity and crime on the lives and their communities.
According to him, the long-term outcome of insecurity is that poverty continues to increase.
“Security is a relationship thing as well; it has to deal with people because people who perpetrate crime and bring insecurity are human beings like you and me.
“One of the things that we are going to do is to engage with them wholly to make them understand what the outcome is as it affects them, not just their families but as it affects their communities.’’
I will unseat wike

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Ednap UgwuStan

You cannot bring apc to take over rivers state with your money and connections you can't you can only govern rivers under PDP or APGA and others except apc so therefore make haste while there's still time for you and your apc bruhaha

Atoyebi Abass Akinloye

Tonye cole from which party?

Daniel Orji

endy your caption is bias@next gov. he have not even won the primaries! i wonder why nigerian billionires believe so much in their money? how have tonye affected lives positively in rivers state before now? to be frank,i am just knowing he is from rivers. how many children has he given scholarship, how many health care did he built, how many schools did he built in rivers to help the less privillaged??? they should stop indimidating people witkh their money! with his billions,children of the poor are being driven out of school because of fees, why should i vote for him because he is a billionire? how many families are under his shelter?#who his billions epp?

Ednap UgwuStan

A billionaire doctor from umuchukwu in anambra state is busy transforming his village using his connections and personal wealth to force out poverty from his land and this one is seeking a way to increase his bank accounts balances heartless crooks

Johnbosco Nonso Odife

Our next governor

Kylsy Syga Kogbara

Wrong caption,many more hurdles to cross and yet you have declared him winner through your caption.

Browayson John Sr.

Until then, time shall tell if he will be the next governor of Rivers or not. He should jst play his card well on how to get there. 2019 will be a year of great surprises!

Oginni Samuel Oluwaseun

They remember their state when they want to become governor 😂

Chi Oli Ogbuka

Why do you think he's the next governor? Lol
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