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Friday, March 22, 2019

Governor Yahaya Bello Commissions Solar ICT Centers For Kogi Primary Schools

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In Nigeria, the lack of reliable & affordable electricity is one of the biggest barriers to providing technology to students. Some schools cannot keep the lights on and power a computer classroom simultaneously.

Kogi State government believe education is a human right and that technology can have a dramatic impact on a child’s lifelong success, so the governor Yahaya Bello strive to find innovative ways of expanding access to technology-enabled learning environments, especially in remote regions with extremely limited facilities.
One of the ways he is doing just that is by taking electricity out of the equation. He is combining a more constant energy source — the sun — with energy-efficient computers to develop solar-powered ICT Labs. The goal? Deliver sustainable and affordable ICT labs to underserved communities and schools .

Kogi State Governor, Yahaya Bello Commissions ICT centres at St. Mary's Primary School, Lokoja, and other primary schools in Kabba, Okene, Ayingba, Idah etc.

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Ben OjoduƱene Moses

That's a big lie. There's nothing like that in Kogi State

Endy Edeson

Ben Ben OjoduƱene Moses are you from Kofi State? If so, tell us the LGA you live. Thanks

Aminta Keidnz

Am from Adavi KGA of Kogi state, never aware

Endy Edeson

Aminta Keidnz. Maybe, it hasn't gotten to your LGA. You can enquire about it in the listed LGAs that are beneficiaries

Kayode Toyin

Another way of looting money just like Baba raufu did in osun state, how many months salary is he owning? nonsense Governor.
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