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Friday, August 30, 2019

Nigerian Joshua Beckford, Oxford University Youngest Student, Admitted At 6, Graduated 14

Image may contain: 1 personYes, its not a misleading headline, what you just read is true. How old were you when you got admitted into University? One of the smartest Human got admitted into the prestigious Oxford University and he graduated at age 14. And according to reports he will soon be in Lagos, Nigeria for Fundraising of school project he intend to build in Kaduna.

Read more about him below as reported by blacknews:
At the age of 6, Joshua Beckford, who is living with high-functioning autism, became the youngest person to ever attend the prestigious Oxford University in England. Now 14-years old, Beckford is ready to take on more challenges as he sets his sights to be a neurosurgeon and save the earth someday.
Beckford was just 10 months old when his father, Knox Daniel, first discovered that he is not just a typical child. His son was sitting on his lap in front of the computer and he could already memorize and understand letters on a keyboard.
He was 3-years old when he started reading fluently using phonics and speaking Japanese. He taught himself to touch-type on a computer before he could even write.
At the age of four, he played on his dad’s laptop with a body simulator where he would pull out organs. He has been molded so well that he could already deliver PowerPoint presentations tackling human anatomy to audiences of 200 to 3,000 people at community fundraising events.
Daniel knew his son’s brain was too advanced for a standard curriculum. Beckford was homeschooled because he “doesn’t like children his own age and only likes teenagers and adults” and what interests him is ancient Egypt that he is now working on writing a children’s book about it.
In 2011, Daniel found out about a special program that Oxford University offers to children ages 8 to 13. Even though his son was just 6-years old then, he enrolled him to challenge his bright, young mind

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Nkem Ogonsiegbe

Can you transmit this message to the Speaker of Osun State House of Assembly?

Bright Olie

He nor go day care and elementary school?

Nelson Felix

dats amazing. if dis guy's actually a nigerian descent, den dis country is missing alot. dis guy must be a high material. he mst be a substance. nw wit al the resources inherent in him, he's livin d life in europe wit al d potentials . chaii. if we had a gud gvt. down here, dis guru mst be utilized to gv more air n breathe 2 d dying nation. cngrats 2 him.

Nelson Felix

dat is if he's a nigerian

Itohan Sandra Aghemwenhio-Ajayi

What state is he from?

Okoh Daniel Daniel

He's really a smart boy.

Victor Divine

Unbelievable all the best in ur endeavours

Purity Benson

He's a genius congrats to him

Gospel Agu

That is a real gifted hand
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