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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Meet Nigerian Man Who Claims To Be Donald Trump’s Grandfather (Video)

A Nigerian man Chief Emeka has laid claims to the ancestry lineage of United States President, Donald Trump. Emeka, a dual citizen of both America and Nigeria and an ardent follower of Donald Trump’s teachings has come out to say he fathered the American President

He made this disclosure while speaking to our correspondent at the Zenith Bank Light up 2019 which took place at Eko Hotel roundabout, VI, Lagos, Nigeria.

Emeka who allegedly shares the same family tree with Trump named his two children, Trump and Ivanka respectively. When asked the reason, he said as the grandfather of Trump, people would soon understand “As time progresses, the world will come to know why I decided to name my son Trump. I am the grandfather of Trump, because the President of US is my grandson. I am Daddy Trump, he is Donald and he is answering Trump, so, I am the father of all the Trumps.”

When asked what he liked about the controversial President, the Nigerian Chief said he admired Trump’s straight-forward attitude and his ability to express his views regardless of what other people think. He also mentioned that Trump’s books have helped him achieve outstanding success in his business.

In Chief Emeka’s words, “Being controversial is not a crime. Being controversial means you have a view that people don’t agree with. That doesn’t make your view, a wrong view.

What I see in him is a man who keeps to his word, he is a very straight-forward human being. I have been reading books about Donald Trump since I was 16. I’ve read almost all the books he wrote and his approach to life and business helps me a great lot, even in my business.

“I like people who are very straightforward, who keep to their words, keep their promises and who are willing to keep their words at all cost.”

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