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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Reason Why Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Went Offline Revealed

Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are once again accessible, more than six hours after users first reported a major outage that took the services offline on Monday. Some of the services are not yet fully functioning -- for example, some users are still reporting problems posting new content to Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg lost $7billion due to the outage.

There has been a widely reported inability to access the services since Monday afternoon after a yet-to-be-identified

hacker nuked the DNS A; an address file that holds an IP address of the domain name and AAA records for Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp.

The main domain of Facebook company, Facebook.com, was available for purchase.

Facebook and Instagram started to load again for some users Monday evening, though some delays continued. The outage is the longest and biggest in recent memory for the tech giant, which boasts billions of users worldwide.

While the outage was widely joked about on Twitter, its impact was felt around the world by people and small businesses that rely on the social media site. Facebook support groups for illnesses were down. Group WhatsApp chats connecting family members in different countries were down.

And small businesses that depended on Instagram and Facebook to make sales and handle customer service were left in the dark. The company’s absence showed just how big its presence has become, and added fire to claims that the company had become critical infrastructure for nearly 3 billion people, but was not yet regulated that way.

The outage marked the longest stretch of downtime for Facebook since 2008, when a bug knocked the site offline for about a day, affecting about 80 million users. The platform currently boasts 3 billion users.


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Christsent Ese Onaih

Ikwuamaka Nwazuru well lets say u ain't aware cos mark and crew had been apologizing on twitter even before the resturation ...🤷 . Now lets just take for instance he hasn't yet apologized , what apologies do u still need from someone who has lost over $7.6 billion and counting 🤔? We really should love our neighbors as ourselves 💁

Chris N Ndifeministries

That's a very good information. May God continues strengthening and enlarging your coast,in the name of Jesus Christ Yeshua.

Obesi Ben Otas

Thanks for the update. I was very uncomfortable.

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Okwuokei Kelechi Ernest

Ogar Emmanuel Liberty in PH no network. So it was General

Joseph T Albert

Me i was busy thinking it was my network provider that was the cause, rebooted my phone several until I log in Google Chrome, then I realize it wasn't my network but the apps

Oto George

RIP baba

Ikwuamaka Nwazuru

Damilare Oyemomi ok. But e would have called me privately to apologise

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