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Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Court Fines Arise TV Journalist Rufai Oseni ₦70,000 For Driving On Lagos BRT Lane

 Mr Rufai Oseni was in court earlier today. He was found guilty of contravening Lagos State Transport Law (2018). He was subsequently fined Seventy Thousand Naira Only. He made the payment, after which his vehicle was released to him.

Broadcaster, Rufai Oseni, says he has a right to say he will call the governor after he was arrested for using the BRT lane.

Rufai trended on Monday, August 1, after he came online to accuse police officers of pointing a gun at him. The officers had arrested him for taking the dedicated lane meant for BRT buses.

Rufai said despite him mentioning that he will pay the fine for the traffic offense, the officers still invaded his car, forcefully took his keys, and even pointed a gun at him.

A video of Rufai threatening police officers that he will call the governor after he was arrested went viral today August 2. He received a lot of backlash with some people saying he wanted to use his access to the governor to intimidate the police officers.

In a video shared on his page today, Rufai explained that he felt threatened when the officers forcefully took his car keys from him and pointed a gun at him. He said he has a right to say he will call the state Governor because he is the Chief Security Officer of the state.




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Olawale Dibia Ajayi

He is not only arrogant, puffy, falsely entitled, and pompous, he is absolutely irritating and nauseating in carriage and conduct.

Michael Chukwuebuka Victor

Driving against traffic was wrong... pointing a gun at him was bad . police is fund that...any little thing,they will point guns at you

Oyakhire Imiewanlan

Wao, the only person to be taken to the court for traffic offense in Lagos. All other fines have been received by LASTMA officials.

Irodi Vitalis

This column is evil. I've read it carefully and I condemn the divisive column. This same THE NATION is owned by Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Sam Omatseye is what a journalist should not be.

May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'quiet He NATION 'Terrorists: Besides mounting TODAY THE NATI deadly exploits... precision and se KAYO 2022 TRUTH IN DEF ENCE OF FREEDOM VOL13 NO.5842 unsettling' COMMENT DEBATE east- Mani calls phil IN TOUCH Û Origi Instagram Hon. Fellow, Nigerian Academy of Letters Obi-tuary as bait. They now on bi weekly dth their belongs, sembly legitimate his outside gitimacy hue the INEC, the po- former have not lack fi- alleges his sinful romps There fol- advancing him as the B didate. But how owe with Obi, who even bubb'

Okorie Peter

No one is above the law,and there are duties classified as essential duties that are exceptions. This doesn't have to apply to federal government's staff alone.

Otunba Micheal

If na yahoo boy nau
Them for do. Shot am
Nobody is above the law

Femi FlipSide Akinyosoye

It was all his fault. He shouldn't have passed the BRT lane. All this wouldn't have happened.

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