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Wednesday, November 8, 2023

CAC Company Post Incorporation Is Now Available At Edeson InfoTech, Lagos.


Endy Edeson Corporate Affairs Commission Company Post Incorporation

After registering your Business Name or Limited Liability Company, you may discover that there is the need to change certain things either as a result of new circumstances, mistakes or regulatory mandate. Any change made after the registration or incorporation of a company is known as post incorporation.

Edeson InfoTech Global Services is partnering with a Law firm in Lagos as Official CAC Agent to carry out Post Incorporation Services. Edeson Can now Help You Make Necessary Changes To Your Business Name, Limited Liability Company, Non Profits (Churches, NGOS Etc).

Below are list of CAC most popular Post Incorporation services in Nigeria.

NOTE: All businesses must carry out Annual Returns Filing every year to avoid being deleted from CAC.

1. Annual Returns Filing.

2. Change of Name for incorporated trustee.

3. Change Of Business Name To Limited Liability Company.

4. Change of Name for company.

5. Change of registered business address

6. Change of proprietor

7, Change of director

8. Change of trustees with incorporated trustees

9. Change of trustee secretary

10. Application for change in incorporated trustees’ objects and constitution.

11. Change of registered objects

12. Change of secretary

13. Remova l of directors

14. Removal of shareholder

15. Re-allotment of shares

16. Change of persons with significant control

17. Change of business name to limited liability company

18. Conversion of private limited company to public limited company

19. Conversion of company limited by shares to company limited by guarantee

20. Application for Certified true copy of certificate of registration

21. Application for registration of charges

22. Application for increase in share capital

23. Application for transfer of shares

24. Application for winding up

25. Application for merger and Acquistion of company.

26. Correction of date of birth and personal information with cac.

28. Application for status report of company.

29. Application for Annual return filing for business name

30. Application for Annual return filing for company

31. Application for Annual return filing for incorporated trustee.

32. Application for change in registered branch office.

33. Application for closure of business name.

34. Reduction in issued share capital

35. Request for letter of good standing

36. Appointment of receiver and administrators

37. Company search

38. Alteration of memorandum of a registered company.



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Hope it's free no charges

Endy Edeson

Ismail Matawallen Albasu

Lol. It is not free.

You pay Edeson Service Fee, Lawyer Fee and CAC Service Fee. It is Affordable service .

Endy Edeson

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Contact me on whatsapp 08136125128.
Lets discuss the price there

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Congratulations 👏, this is an upgrade.
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