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Sunday, December 17, 2023

Rugged Singer Portable Finally Performs At Celestial Chur

 Singer, Habeeb Okikiola aka Portable, performed at the Celestial Church of Christ, Goshen Land Cathedral, in Lagos State on Friday, December 15.

Two weeks ago, a flyer released by the church announcing Portable as a guest artiste caused a stir online. Following the widespread criticism, the church retracted and said the singer will no longer perform in the church. Portable however insisted on performing at the church event.

Keeping to his words, the artiste arrived at the venue of the praise night on Friday and thrilled the congregation. Fuji singer, Pasuma, was also at the church programme.

Just before his performance, the church's pastor said he knew that some of the visitors would only come for the program if they heard a person like Portable was coming.


#zazuchallenge #celestialchurchunite

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Henry D Great

Person dey run him business dey way he wants and you're here asking if is RIGHT or WRONG?

Na you go tell am wetin dey RIGHT or WRONG?🙄

Joseph Ukuhwa

Is right bcos may he want to repent

Chinchon Lee

Bad guy, everywhere you go

Oluwatobi Joel Adegoke

To make the matter worse, he was shouting wahala wahala

Divine Michael Onah

Se all the crowd they want have come, let's see how they would keep them coming to the Church.
I know at the end they will have something to justify their useless life.
1HahaReplyDeleteYesterday at 2:43 PM

Adelusi Joseph

What is wrong is wrong, This people only believe in getting money and fame for themselves not for God. (afterall what do you expect from a drunk, wayward shepherd) What example can people get from this worldly musicians, immorality, drunkards, converting Godly inspiration songs to immoral songs defiling the holy name, the church and environment of Gods inheritance, the consequences is fatal, God is not interested in numbers Matt. 7,13-14 uncountable people are candidate of hell fire. only few people are of kingdom of God.

Segun Olaniyi

It can only be Cele

Olalekan Dahood

This is Lagos!

Ahmed Isa

He have money na.
I you have money in this country, you can do anything anywhere

Agbolade Olamide Mary

Its is wrong.
There's no other word to describe it!
May be an image of 5 people, people dancing and crowd
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