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Monday, July 14, 2014

Have Problems With Airtel, Read Tips Here That Might Be of Help to You

Clear across Middle East and Africa, Airtel's world-class network offers   reliable communications solutions with customer care to match your   needs. This booklet is designed to help you get the most out of your Airtel Prepaid service. Please read through it carefully before connecting your Airtel Prepaid line.

You will also need to refer to your cell phone manual, as each model is different. Should you need more information, do not hesitate to call the Airtel Customer Care Centre by dialling 111 from your Airtel line or by dialling, +234 802 111 from any other network, to speak to a Customer Care consultant at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Getting Started
Before you do anything else, ensure that your cell phone battery is charged. Refer to your cell phone manual on instructions.   
Insert your Airtel SIM card into your phone. When inserting your SIM card, please refer to your cell phone instruction manual or ask your Airtel dealer to assist you.          
Switch on your phone, and you are now ready to get in touch with friends,  family and business contacts, provided you are within an Airtel coverage area.
Inserting your SIM card
When inserting your SIM card, switch off your phone and refer to your cell   phone instruction manual or ask your Airtel dealer to assist you. The  SIM is the small microchip attached to the bigger card. It is the 'brain' in your cell phone and connects you to the Airtel network while   holding all vital information like your phone number and your airtime   account. The SIM card can store up to 200 names and numbers and 25  messages which can all be recalled when needed. You can use your Airtel   SIM in any phone. This means that if you change phones or if your phone   is damaged, just re-use this SIM card in your new phone. There is no   need to purchase a new SIM.
After inserting the SIM card, locate the power ON button on your handset. If   the phone is switched on, but the words "Insert SIM" appear, it means that the SIM card is not fitted correctly. Try reinserting the SIM card or check your cell phone user manual for more details.
Activate your Airtel Prepaid account
Your   Airtel Prepaid SIM card may come with some free airtime. Please follow   the instructions on the pack to activate the free airtime.        
Subsequent airtime top-up can be made using an Airtel top-up card or virtual recharge of any denomination.

Other features available to Airtel subscribers  are :
  1. Total cost control.
  2. Instant connectivity.
  3. Access to Customer Care 24 hours a day.
  4. A wide range of tariff options and packages to choose from.
  5. International Direct Dialling (IDD) facility.
  6. Call Conferencing (this service is dependent on your cell phone model.)
  7. Account balance and validity enquiries.
  8. To send text messages (SMS) anywhere in the world. 

To top up your airtime credit
Simply purchase airtime in whichever denomination you want via the available mediums. For top-up cards and E-Pins you'll need to dial *126*the pin number#.   
Mobile top-up automatically credits your account without you having do anything but pay to the vendor.

Top-up denominations
Airtime denominations are available via top-up Cards, mobile top-up and E-Pins.
 The table below shows the available denominations. 
Airtime Denomination
Top-up cards
Mobile Top-Up

Validity Period - Airtel for life
As   a Airtel customer, if you make a call, send an SMS or recharge your   airtime credit at least once every 90 days, your prepaid subscription   will remain active for life and your airtime credits will never expire.   No more worries about complicated validity periods or being   disconnected! All recharge denominations have the same validity period.    
To   make calls and send text messages (known as Short Messages or SMS) you   will need to add airtime to your account by purchasing airtime cards   from any authorized Airtel dealer. Loading airtime onto your account is   called topping up. Airtel Top-up cards are available everywhere in a   wide range of values and they are easy to use.
Using Top-up cards
  1. Gently scratch the coloured panel off the back of your Airtel top-up card to reveal the secret 16-digit number (avoid using sharp objects).
  2. Enter *126* followed by the 16-digit number on the recharge card and the # key, then press the "Yes/Send/OK/Enter" key.
  3. Your account will automatically be topped up with the amount on the top-up card and a confirmation sent to you.
Using mobile Top-up
You can top up your account using mobile top-up at any Airtel Centre or authorized mobile top-up outlet.
Your Airtel phone will display your new credit balance after your top-up card or mobile top-up has been successfully credited to your account.   

To check your account balance

  1. Key in *123# and press the "Yes/Send/OK/Enter" key.     
  2. Your balance will be displayed on your cell phone screen.
Call Me Back
With   your Airtel Prepaid line you can prompt other Airtel subscribers to   call you when you've run out of airtime or during an emergency.
Simply dial *140*(Airtel number for the person you wish to call you)# and press Send/Ok/Yes/Enter
"Call Me Back" is a free service. Every subscriber on the Airtel network can   send up to a maximum of 10 Call Me Back requests per day.

Useful numbers

  1. Customer Care - 111
  2. Recharge your handset - *126*16 digit PIN on the recharge card #
  3. Balance inquiry - *123#
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