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Sunday, October 28, 2018

Igbo Guys Are Caring And Romantic Unlike Other Tribes

Nigerian commercial model cum Actress, Koko pat have made bold claim about dating Nigerian men from various tribes. The Calabar actress recently took to her insta-story to share her view and her encounter with igbo guys which she claim are the best. My view about Dating a typical Nigerian guy.
Yoruba guys will prefer to look good and end up starving their woman. Hausa guys are totally out of the picture. I want a man that will be obsessed about me and can go extra length to bring food on the table not the one that will be struggling fashion sense with me.
Trust me, Igbo guys are good in everything and can satisfy their woman. They will even look extremely dirty just to make sure their wife is happy .The little encounter have had with few have made me justify this assertion.


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Eric Austin

Is there any human that truly loves someone and won't care for the person?

Niyeck Nandack

Dolling out money is not synonyms us with CARE. They like to buy love, may be that's what you mean.

Oluwaseun King Sofoluwe

Although a man should do what it takes to take care of his family, When a woman is the one saying a man should go to any length to bring food to the table, I can't take her seriously. Let her focus on how useful she is to him and leave the man to handle himself. How exactly is she useful to any man apart from sex?
Also, I've seen marriages involving different tribes and there is good and bad everywhere. People who make distinctions using tribe are not very smart.

Mercy Okon

I totally disagree. Its all about ones personality, spirituality,general upbringing and the environmental influence. All these contributes to it.

Niyeck Nandack

Endy, to me Igbo guys are the best dressed in Nigeria. They attach a lot of importance to their appearance. That lady is probably referring to those Igbos primary school leavers who, at 47 get married to 22 years old Master' Degree holders. They develop inferiority complex and in order to dissuade the young lady from flirting with educated people like her, they will sacrifice everything to make her happy, including worshipping her. To me, any man who neglect himself because of a woman, be her his wife is mentally handicapped.
Endy, do imagine an igboman doctor, architect, economist, engineer, chartered accountant, etc neglecting himself in order to please a woman?
"Love her as you love yourself " not " Love her more than you love yourself"

Ejiofor Ifeoma

True talk but there are some lazy ones

Vera Oha

There are good lovers every where... When you meet the wrong one it becomes a problem. So don't generalize it. As an igbo lady I will prefer a Yoruba man.

Bussy Duro

Wetin she wants to chop no go let her see road, when it happens now she will sing another song

Bussy Duro

I have dated an igbo and I can say am not in anyway proud of him, but that doesn't mean I can't still marry one if it comes my way because am not picky and my younger sister my one.

Bussy Duro

I know she's after money so make she dey run mouth.
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