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Thursday, November 22, 2018

I Regret Marrying A Billionaire Husband In 2014' - Ex Beauty Queen, Dabota Lawson

Former Beauty Queen Dabota Lawson has taken to her Instagram page to reminisce on her life and browse on the past past decisions she made in her life, which she believed she could have done otherwise.

According to her, the only achievement she believed she has made was the birth of her daughter and not even her marriage to Billionaire Aku.
She then used the medium to enlighten Nigerians to always take their time before they finally conclude on deciding on anything they plan doing.

She wrote:
This weekend I spent a lot of time thinking and talking about past events in my life . My friends kept saying Dabota everything happens for a reason and you
are who you are today because of all that has happened. But I said to them and myself NO!! I’m not soooo thankful.
I wish I made better decisions and was careful before getting involved with certain things and certain people . I wish I could see the future of how some of my poor decisions will stay hunting me , because they actually do.

Every time I win or do better it’s because I chose to and I took a right turn , not always because I’ve learned a lesson. The only thing I know is my mind and heart is just stronger, too strong for my own good, I’m almost not in touch with reality and strictly focused on pursuing goals and making sure everyone and everything around me is fine.

I miss being care free and the softness and innocence I used to have. I hate the fact that I have major trust issue and assume everyone has an ulterior motive around me . I mostly regret ever getting married in 2014 ( please keep all that lessons and whatever you think I got from it talk ) I hate the fact that I did !PERIOD!
The only I did right that keeps me going was making the decisions to go through with my pregnancy and have my child . My daughter is only thing I’ve done right in the world over 25 years of my life . That’s how I feel.

Be careful the decisions you make in life . This is a very stern warning , everything you do has a consequence that only you will experience in way only you can understand . BE VERY CAREFUL !



Salako Saint's Stephen

Money love

Anuforo Osinachi James

Is beginning to sound like that there's an inbalance in the life of most wealthy men...very successful in business but not successful in the home. This is what i call irrational success as a result of lack of understanding provided the wisdom is there.
I conclude by saying, home you do not plan for is home you won't see irrespective of the wealth you amass.

Victorious Victor

So many things are priceless...money cant buy them

Olugbenga Onasoga

Well,it's gud whn ladies face reality after marriage.cos dey believe money wins all nt happiness.

Osuntokun Oluwaseun David

That's what happened when you married for wrong reasons

Mmemshima Kajo

Money is not every thing, happiness matters a lot.

Soy Callix

In every marriage there must be ups and downs.but the problem is how u guys handle it and also understanding matters alot after so called love

Samson Mesh Olamilekan

I pray that our single ladies that love money pass real love should see this post oooo🙉🙉🙉

Chibuike Gabriel Chineke

Money can't really be replaced with love in relationships. ..

Bussy Duro

After enjoy the money, now she's regretting it. Hmmmmm
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