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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Important Facts You Should Know About Daura In Katsina

Daura is a town and Local Government Area in Katsina State, northern Nigeria. It is the spiritual home of the Hausa people. The emirate is referred to as one of the "seven true Hausa states "
Daura is the city that Bayajidda, a figure from Hausa mythology, arrived at after his trek across the Sahara . Once there, he killed a snake (named Sarki) who prevented the people from drawing water from the well, and the local queen, Magajiya Daurama, married him out of gratitude; one of their seven children was named Daura. The Kusugu Well in Daura where Bayajidda is said to have slain Sarki is protected by a wooden shelter and has become a tourist attraction.

Notable person from Daura is Muhammadu Buhari , Military Head of State 1983-1985, Chairman PTF and President of Nigeria since May 29, 2015.

In 1805, during the Fulani War , Daura was taken over by Fulani warrior Malam Ishaku , who set up an emirate . The Hausa set up rival states nearby, and the ruler of one, Malam Musa, was made the new emir of Daura by the British in 1904., the Emir of Daura still rules as a ceremonial hereditary monarch, and maintains a palace.
Umar Faruk Umar became the 60th Emir of Daura on 28 February 2007 following the death of Sarki Muhammadu Bashar Dan Umaru.
Emir of Daura, Alhaji Farouk Umar Farouk and his beautiful young wife, Gimbiya Aisha Umar Farouk have welcomed their second child together, another girl.
Born in 1931, Umar Farouk married his wife in mid 2015.




Danny Gold

thanks bro

Endy Edeson

Goodevening Danny. Thanks for reading. Maybe, one day, you and I will travel to Daura to see the Emir and tour the town. lolz

Johnson Ahile

endy is buhari the only prominent person from Daura?

Endy Edeson

Yes, he is the VERY POPULAR person from Daura but the town has also produced past governors and prominent people in the North @Ahile

Gbolahan Libra General

Hmmmmm daura very close to me here. I don't know why the fuble clan prevail and wage war against what is not theirs.
It seems they have weak point of their preys. They don't have ambition than to collect lands.

But all the same I learn from them

Endy Edeson

Gbolahan Libra General So you live close to Daura? That's nice . You can as well visit the town for tourism purpose. Well, despite their weakness in the olden days in terms of fight, powerful men like President Buhari emerged there.
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