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Friday, March 22, 2019

Court Adjourns Ruling On 2face's Lawsuit Against Blackface

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A Lagos State High Court has adjourned 2Face's N50M defamation of character lawsuit, brought to it against his former bandmate Blackface. In his ruling on Wednesday morning, March 20, 2019, Justice Oyefeso of the Lagos High Court adjourned 2Face's lawsuit against Blackface and according to him, a new date which has not yet been fixed will be conveyed to both parties within one week. A statement from Blackface's lawyer, Mani Enajeroh of M.O Enajeroh, after the adjournment of the case reads, ''The Copyright system in Nigeria will eventually kill every iota of creativity in Nigerian music, unless someone takes up this issue of royalties. Even though we don't have functioning collective societies that doesn't mean we can't be fair to one another. Because of speaking out about this Blackface was sued for N50m. That's why it's important that this case must be struck out. The case is a threat to freedom of expression, and intellectual property in general. We are confident that the Court will strike out the case. This is a copyright issue, no matter how you look at it and it ought to be at the Federal High Court. Look at their court documents, they did not admit anywhere that Blackface wrote "Let somebody love you". The stories are never consistent.''

The feud between 2 member of the defunct Platainshun Boiz group has taken a new dimension as the founder of the group, Blackface has just just alleged another member 2face is gay. In a newly released diss song titled 'War' targeted at 2face idibia, Blackface rode on his long-standing beef with 2face Idibia calling him out over claims of hypocrisy and theft.

See some lyrics of the song below:
“I taught you how to rhyme, taught you how to flow / Now you say you’re a star, now you making dow, why you steal my song, you no let me know / Na you and your manager wey dey block my show from every carnival /

Your mama say you’re innocent but I know say you be cannibal”, he sang. He also went on to allege that 2Baba engaged in same-sex intercourse as a sacrifice for his success. “Make I expose you for who you are, 201 know your story omo where I go start / 2Face since when dem start to yansh you for back, that’s why you no fit stand straight, that’s what made you star”.
Singer Blackface opened up on the reason why he called 2face gay in a new song he released days ago.

While speaking in an interview with LIB, he said the fact he called him gay may not actually man he is gay and it is normal for artistes to say all sorts in a diss song.

He said; ‘Yes I called him Gay, its a normal thing in music when you are yabbing someone, people have been doing it for ages. I can abuse his mother and say anything its normal’. When asked why he decided to put out a diss song despite the fact that they have a pending case in court, Blackface said,

‘having a case in court doesn’t stop me from doing music. He has the same case in court and he’s been taking secret shots at me with his ‘Oyi’ and other songs, so its not a problem at all’.

He went on to say,

‘I’ve always said it that if and when I want to yab 2face I’ll call him out directly, I’m not like him that’s been taking secret shots at me for ages. Go and listen to ‘Oyi’ he’s taking shots at me but he’s using the Idoma language to confuse you people that its a love song ‘Oyi’ is used to refer to a male in his language.

If you also listen to his song ‘Only Me’, the line ‘i no say no be everybody sabi play ball’ line is also directly a shot at me. If he’s bold enough, he should grant an interview to address the issue but he won’t’.

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Hapidiamond Lazarus

Please this blackface or whatever he's known as should live my 2baba alone, if music does not favour him, let him go and join business bikokwa......

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Blackface whom God has blessed no man can caused. You just dey waste your time over Tubaba. small time now another weed Lord ( Eedris Abdulkareem ) would jump into the matter to yahn opata too

Kayode Igbekele Adenuoye

#50M small now!!...e for sue am for $500M....2baba must put this to an end now!!... I've listened to Blackface severaly on radio and Tv stations his attacks on 2face is always fresh and embarrassing...if he stole your song,why not settle that with him privately instead of going to the media....Oche No le lenchen o ge le lonchi ...

Iheanyi Nnajiuba

This is getting dirty, hope someone doesn't get hurt in the end.

Olufemi Adekunle Rotty

Na jealousy go ruin blackface, person pass you,you say na hin nose dey longer than yours.

Chibuzo O. Anozie

All of una just dey criticising black face..who knows how dey started in duo group den, so u people may not knw anything about them so don't judge the two either..

Okwy Maria

Beauty without scars na fake beauty be that 😉, and wealth without scandal na real impossibility 😏. 2Baba should quickly settle this matter out of court, he should upgrade Blackface to a level & place where it will be very difficult for Blackface to utter ugliess against him 2Baba. Every matter must not end in Court as Case 😉😏. Besides - if he 2Baba should end up winning this case where will SEVERELY DEPRESSED Blackface get #50m to pay 😂😂😂. 2Baba you should be wise by now 😍. Blackface has nothing to lose here 😢😢.

Chioma Amara Nnoli

Good for them..... If them stop... Their eyes will fallout

Niyeck Nandack

Poverty is worse than cancer. Poverty has perverted the mind of this Blackface. Someone should tell him that jealousy will not improve his condition. Let him work hard or become gay also to break through.

DjAblongo Darey Blaq

nah wah ooo for this two ooo
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