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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Monalisa Chinda Runs To God As She Issued Arrest Warrant For Not Paying Tax

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No one likes to pay taxes. But taxes are the law. The terms "tax avoidance" and "tax evasion" are often used interchangeably, but they are very different concepts. Basically, tax avoidance is legal, while tax evasion is not. Tax Avoidance
Tax avoidance is the legitimate minimizing of taxes, using methods included in the tax code. Businesses avoid taxes by taking all legitimate deductions and by sheltering income from taxes by setting up employee retirement plans and other means, all legal and under the Internal Revenue Code or state tax codes. You may have heard of "tax shields" These shields are for protection against higher taxes, and they are the strategies that make up tax avoidance. Tax Evasion
Tax evasion, on the other hand, is the illegal practice of not paying taxes
, by not reporting income, reporting expenses not legally allowed, or by not paying taxes owed. In this situation, the phrase "ignorance of the law is no excuse" comes to mind.
For failing to appear in court since the year 2017, a bench arrest has reportedly been approved in order to force Monalisa Chinda, to show up. [Instagram/monalisacode]
A High Court in Lagos, has reportedly ordered that actress Monalisa Chinda, should be arrested for failing to pay income tax over a 6-year period.
In a report by The Nation News on Sunday, March 3, 2019, it was alleged that the actress had failed to obey a request asking her to show up in court.
Monalisa Chinda is alleged to be found wanting for refusing to fulfill an obligation to pay tax to the Lagos State government for her business located in Lekki on the Lagos Island.
Nollywood Actress, Monalisa has reacted to the arrest warrant dancing and quoting the scriptures. Monalisa reacted to it this morning on Instagram by sharing a dancing video with caption saying...
Don’t be afraid if you come into fiery trials, for gold is purified in the fire. The fire will not consume you, nor the waters overwhelm you. (1 Peter 1:6-7; Isaiah 43:2).'' Some minutes after, she also wrote; ''Please don't shy away from challenges because they will always come; instead take them head on! That's the best way to grow!!!
Be graceful, always!!''

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Mac David Akwuking

Madam go and pay your tax even JESUS said give Cesar what belongs to him.. Tankio!

Endy Edeson

Mac David Akwuking THE LORD will come to her rescue 

Oluwatoyin Obanla

Before you say Jack Robinson now,some fools would be hash-tagging nonsense like "#IstandWithMonalisa.


PLs go and pay your tax.

Endy Edeson

Elendu she will, she probably was just playing because she thinks she is a celebrity and wouldn't be arrested
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