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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How To Start Printing Recharge Cards in Nigeria

The basic things you need to start printing recharge vouchers in Nigeria are: i. A Computer ii. A Printer (Coloured or black & white) iii. Software that will be used in printing pin numbers on papers (this will be
installed onto your computer)

iv. Bulk pin (this, you will be buying from some major dealers)
v. Access to Internet, either at a cafe or personal Internet (this is needed once
in a while because whenever you pay for PINS, the major dealers will be send
them to you through email, IRRESPECTIVE of which part of Nigeria you are).


  1. Install NetDivo ePin Manager on a computer
  2. Buy ePins from reliable recharge card dealers in Nigeria
  3. Upload the ePins to the software
  4. Connect printer to PC and load it with papers
  5. Use the software to print the ePins on the papers
  6. Sell and make money.

Click Here To Watch How To Print Recharge Vouchers

Click the link above to watch the full video on recharge card printing business.
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