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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

How To Be Productive In The Office And Make Your Boss Love You

Hi guys, today is Monday. I know you are at work right now. As for me, as a professional freelancer, I work from anywhere and I am also at work as you read this. Unless you're lucky enough to work for yourself, we all have a boss we have to answer to. There are quite a few ways to ensure you two have a good relationship.

Make sure you talk to your boss regularly to get a feel for what their priorities are. Do what they want and not what you want provided it isn’t a bad thing. Don’t feel overwhelmed if he brings too much work for you to do. Develop inner energy to work.

Work on most of your hidden weaknesses before your boss finds out about it. Nobody's perfect, and your boss probably understands that. The best way to do this is with a regular self-review—gain some skills that separate you from the crowd. For the issues you can't fix ahead of time, apologize to your boss and give him or her the specific time to make it up.

Find out what is important to your boss and make it important to you. If your boss is fanatic when it comes to deadlines, then do your best to get everything in ahead of schedule. Look for opportunities to "make something happen". For example, there are always projects and assignments that others don't have "time" to do. Find one that you can do and volunteer to do it! Your boss will appreciate it and remember it in the future.

Make your boss happy by arriving on time or early every day. Work with a smile on your face. Though not every part of your job may be thrilling, you should make an effort to be optimistic, to talk about the things you love about your job.

Your boss will be very pleased if he knows you to be neat and organized. You want to make sure that your files are in order, that your emails, desktop, and any other important documents are all in place.

Keep your boss happy by not being one of the employees that spreads gossip, causes problems among coworkers, or requires disciplinary action. If you hear any gossip about your boss, then you should back away as quickly as you can. You certainly don’t want your boss to hear about it, or he’ll never be able to fully trust you.

To truly please your boss, you have to show that you’re self-motivated and that you’re the kind of employee who takes initiative in his work. If your boss is out for the day, he should trust you to continue to do your work and to even encourage other employees to do their best.

Enroll in courses or skill building programs and attend seminars that focus on learning new aspects of your position and career. These programs can make you better at your job and may even make the work more fun.

Another way to go above and beyond and to impress your boss is to work on building strong relationships with your coworkers. You don’t need to be best friends with them or to hang out with them outside of work all the time, but you should be friendly with them and make an effort to get to know them a bit.

I hope this tips help you as you work this week and every other week.


Johnson Ahile

nice tips

Johnson Ahile

endy how work?

Endy Edeson

Work is fine. Thanks. And u?

Haruna Samson Afolajimi

Thank Endy, you're the man...

Endy Edeson

Thanks Haruna for reading. Have a splendid working week

Maryjane Tobechukwu Godwin

All these tips mentioned are good.. But oga Eddy all this will never work for my boss , cus na high service she dey like and me i dont have that time.. I do my supposed job and get out

Endy Edeson

Maryjane, good evening. I believe you had a splendid day at work today. You have to go extra miles in pleasing her. Don't let her know about the areas of the job you don't like.

Chibuikem Chibix Okudo

thanks for the tips. stay blessed

Endy Edeson

Thanks Chibukem for reading. Goodevening
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