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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Starboy Wizkid To Build Schools In Every African Country

Wizkid who was rumoured to be dating Worl Super model, Naomi Campbell after they both turned up for the GQ event, is now planning to build schools. However Naomi Campbell who debunked the rumour in a 'thank you' tweet to Wizkid, revealed that the StarBoy Records Boss is in the brother zone. Although, Wizkid did not claim that he and Naomi are an item.

The starboy, Wizkid, is ready to help Africans through education. He took to his twitter page to reveal the new project he is working on. According to the singer, he will be building a school in every countries in Africa.

He Wrote: I’ll need help from Fans to pick where we start this. �� trying to build a school in every Country in Africa.. Thats my dream. �

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Endy Edeson

@Emeka: You are on point. Africa has about 54 countries. He may want to establish small schools of N10,000 each but getting the approval from the govt of the countries is another thing entirely. You have a point Emeka, it is a huge project

Robinson Emeke Ikebueze

Yeah, Endy. What you said is what exactly informed my comment.

Akintoye Adebareh Abdul Akeem

Seriously it not impossible. When Drogba want to build school in his country, people come out to help. His friends also donated. Won't it be easy for wizkid to raise money?

Ayoade Jamiu Ayomide

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Agbemelo Okechukwu Pero

For once mke una encourage pesin...u guys need to b positive... Endy even u sef dey talk say it's not possible... Oga IT IS... if na me I won't make it free but less expensive with loads of scholarship opportunities... dat way it bcoms 'profitable charity'... #HECANDOIT...

Endy Edeson

Pero, good morning, I am not outrightly saying that it is not possible but the expenses will be much for him

Agbemelo Okechukwu Pero

OK... but him don tink am b4 him talk ooo

Ednap UgwuStan

It depends on the type of school he's planning to build in every African country he should mind what he says to the public I wish him well

Daniel Orji

its a good dream, and i hope it wont die unrealized. @libra, i get your point, however people have turning point in the journey of life, and this could just be wizkid's. not withstanding, God can be bribed, he have reward for everything we do! note that giving of arms does not dipeat repentance from sin. he can be building schools all over the world, and be a siner, unless he repent. and is applicable to everyone!!

Mac David Akwuking

Nicest one
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