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Thursday, November 22, 2018

Husband Beats Wife For Refusing To Suck His Penis In Lagos State

A man in Lagos beat his wife to pulp, drove her to hospital and ran away because she refused to suck his penis. It’s apparent her church forbids penis sucking. So, the husband asked her to either go to her pastor and live in the church or he will divorce her if she refuses to suck his penis. He then started beating her, she fainted.

The sex starved husband angrily sent this message to his wife:

"What I want to tell you is that make that church your new home, don't bother come to my house because you won’t believe what I will do to you. Make sure pastor becomes your husband from today and anything you need collect it from pastor. If you want to remain in your matrimonial home as you said then you
must do whatever I ask u to do, you must suck my penis, if not from today you will not have peace with me except you abide by my rules."

Someone called from the hospital where the man had driven his wife to after beating her to a
pulp. He beat her up, drove her to the hospital, dropped her there and drove away.
The hospital staff said the wife is a regular here and for the same reason.
What the woman is going through in her matrimonial home is disgusting. She might die if not rescued from her husband. It eventually got to a point her family members said the beatings are too
rampant. Some months ago, he beat her badly and left her to die in the rain outside their
house, all because she refuse to suck his penis.

This incident happened in Lagos.



Bussy Duro

He's a fool

Nkem M D'Jewel

Is her buttocks planted in the marriage? Or she values not her life?

Ogochukwu Hariet Onyeabor

Nawah oooooo

Mhambe Christopher Terna

D man nah badt guy no sense..olosho full every were nah..
he cld gt sucked as much as he wants & yt gt a bonus gift..STDs lwkmd

Olugbenga Onasoga

Most times marriage needs to b defined. Lectures has to b given cos dis am seeing here is nonsense. Dt shws r stupid n immature som men r.most ladies self !wht r ur reason for marriage cos most fall victims cos luv is nt well defined

Omoba Morenikeji Babatunde

Most broken home are caused by pastors & all this fake churches

Shitta S Omogbolahan

BLOW JOB PALAVA....am too young to read this
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