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Friday, June 28, 2019

How Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo Raped Timi Dakolo's Wife (DETAILS)

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, textWife of singer, Timi Dakolo, Busola, has accused controversial clergyman and founder of the CommonWealth of Zion Assembly COZA, Biodun Fatoyinbo, of sexually assaulting her when she was much younger. In an explosive interview with YNaija, Busola, the mother of three, recounted how the clergyman who has been embroiled in a number of sexual assault related cases, Ese Walter being the most prominent, allegedly raped her in her mother’s house while she was still in secondary school.
According to Busola, she was a virgin when the pastor allegedly raped her at 17. She stated that after he had allegedly raped her inside her mother's living room, Pastor Biodun told her she should be happy a man of God was the one who took her virginity.

In her interview, Busola recounted how the clergyman also allegedly tried having sex with her inside his matrimonial home when she came in to help his wife, Modele, when she had their first child. Recall that Timi Dakolo recently launched an attack on the clergyman, anonymously. He called out the pastor, accusing him of taking advantage of women in his ministry and leaving them broken emotionally.
Read here and here. Read the interview as reported by YNaija below and watch the full interview below.
ON MEETING BIODUN FATOYINBO FOR THE FIRST TIMEBusola Dakolo was born and lived most of her early life in Ilorin.
The first time she left Ilorin was for secondary school at Suleja and that time away allowed her really find her Christianity. She joined and rose to become the vice-president of the Gifted School Academy Suleja’s fellowship and embraced a conservative approach to Christianity, growing to become distrustful of churches and fellowships that tried to copy worldly trends as a way to reach people outside the church.
She returned home for the holidays to find that her sisters had started attending a non-denominational ‘youth club’ that embraced all kinds of people and focused on worship and fellowship over doctrine and legalism.
It took a while but her sisters convinced her to go by telling her she needed to meet different kinds of people, especially former prostitutes and cultists that have given their lives to Christ.Busola reluctantly joined her sisters for the youth club, but she wasn’t comfortable there, partly because of the way they worshipped and because I was the youngest person there.
After the service, there was a first timers call, and Busola stood up and introduced herself, explaining her initial skepticism and how their worship had changed her mind. After the service, the pastor of the club, a much younger Biodun Fatoyinbo came looking for her after the service. Pastor Biodun wasn’t yet married ( though he was engaged to his current wife) and the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly (COZA) wasn’t yet a church, it was called Divine Delight Club.He expressed his surprise at how bold she was for someone so young and encouraged her to keep speaking up for herself.



Shine Heart

haaahahhahah see the.way bros Endy arrange the story gaan..baba u dey vex oo.“ Timi dey cry for the pishure

Joseph Tyokoso Akwente

I am too wise to believe that story.

Onyibo Henry

By Wale Jana.
I just watched @busoladakolo video I know the world gets emotional the moment a woman mentions that she was raped but if you will take a minute to think objectively; the oldest way a woman can try to destroy a man is to accuse him of rape. Any man is guilty of this offence in the eyes of the public until otherwise and if she has a little social status like the wife of a struggling musician like @timidakolo it makes it look credible. Why is she doing this? Timi and wife are a pawn in a conspiracy and also because it will help him sell some records which he desperately needs to sell,they will also trend for a while, she has already opened unbroken.ng an online platform to cash in on the drama just like @esewalter and then it’s over!
l am a proud COZA member and @biodunfatoyinbo is my father and he has been a blessing to millions of people all over the world.
This time there will be no silence and since you want war, you will have it. If @biodunfatoyinbo has been a blessing to you, its time to speak up, don’t keep quiet!
@timidakolo and @busoladakolo are not saints, she was a choir member and Timi was a choir leader in church when she got pregnant with her first baby, Timi denied that they weren’t having an affair and then she got pregnant the second time and that was when the church forced them to get married. This chorister was sleeping with
her choir master and was a baby mama with two kids before they got married. These are morally bankrupt people and all that talk in the video will not hold water under cross examination.
Another thing that bothers me is why all the
people troubling the body of christ @daddyfreeze @timidakolo @busoladakolo @chudeity all attend a particular church
Timi and Busola have a LOT of skeletons and they both live in glass houses and they are busy throwing stones. Its time to shatter this house of cards these people have built, its time to deal with cyber bullying and vague social media allegations and this couple will be the scape goats

Chigozie Anthony Oti

Reno Omokri
For The Body of Christ, Not For Pastor Fatoyinbo
I have NEVER liked Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA for reasons that I will not say publicly. However, I am mature enough to divorce my emotions and be led by logic. And I counsel those now condemning him to do the same.
The average Black African is easily moved to hysteria by excitable emotions. This is why it is RIDICULOUSLY easy to manipulate Africans with the media Satan does his best work with such people, who can’t suppress emotion in preference to logic.
Think. Dont emote. A pastor comes to your house early in the morning. He does not know who will open when he knocks, or who is at home. He knocks and immediately you open he pushed you to a chair and raped you in your pyjamas. Do people think?
Even the most USELESS movie director wont accept such a plot in a B rated Hollywood/
Nollywood/Bollywood movie. A movie has to have PLAUSIBILITY. I dont like pastor Fatoyinbo, but I won’t suspend my intellect because of my dislike of the fellow.
After he allegedly raped her, she kept quiet for enough time for him to go to his car and get a soda drink for her? It does not ADD UP. My dislike for Biofun Fatoyinbo won’t make me become a SLANDERER by default. This story rings very FALSE.
I am an advocate of morality. For years, I publicly preach against premarital and extramarital sex. I pastored a congregation in Abuja for years. I will NEVER, EVER, support RAPE. But satan is going about like a roaring lion seeking whom to consume!
Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo is SLEEK. Too sleek for my liking. What type of sleek man will rape an underaged girl in HER PARENTS HOUSE. While HER SIBLINGS are AT HOME. And then leave her to go get a drink from his car. Is this mass HYPNOSIS.
Do we Black African of the Nigerian variety think at all? Do we only exist in the soulish realm? I have a Masters in Law from England. The story CANNOT stand up in court. The story CANNOT stand up in the light of cross examination.
I give you my word that if you gave satan 10 minutes to manipulate the minds of Nigerians, he will get a sizeable number of Nigerians to believe that Jesus is evil and he satan is good. We are too gullible, excitable and emotional
# ForTheBodyOfChristNotForFatoyinbo

Lawal Kolawole

It's only happened in Nigeria

Monday Onoja

Oga oooo

Enokela Boss Jons

Another public stunt,why is she voicing out now rubbish

Bose Olorungbotemi

Thank God it was before she met her husband. She shouldn't be publicising this bcos it's shameful. Let d pastor be he will give account to his Creator on d day of judgment if d allegation is true.

Uyor Lily Ormane

Endy what a caption.Yu for talk am for pigin na.

Sadiq Nice


Subair Ibrahim Olayinka

Endy if role models bath in sin who are left to be emulated

Kelechi Chibuike

Publicity stunt

Amaka Jude

Just to spoil a pastor's name God forgive them

Austin Apena

he raped you first when you were 17, and you still went to his matrimonial home to help his wife..
and many people would still believe this story.

Samuel Chino

After some years, what suddenly triggered this? What is the intention? Please, I suggest we direct this same social media energy to the current government that has made so many Nigerians miserable, making Nigeria Headquarters of global poverty. Daalunu.

Isiaq Zakariyah

After watching the #BusolaDakolo interview among other nasty stories of sexual harassment and molestation of female church members by pastors, a conscious Muslim will appreciate the following Islamic injunctions:
* That women should cover themselves properly when leaving the confines of their home;
* That they should not expose their adornments except to their husbands and Mahārim;
* That a woman’s prayer in her room is more virtuous than her prayer in the masjid;
* That there should be no intermingling of the male and female Muslims;
* That women should not raise their voices in public and more importantly, in worship places;
* That the women’s row in the Masjid (should they choose to pray there) should be behind the men’s;
* That there should be a barrier screening them from the men.
The violation of these rules by some Alfas of Asalatu and Ustādhs of Madāris has opened the door to so many evils that we now hear and read about on the social media.
Sanusi Lafiagi

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