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Monday, July 8, 2019

Senate May Proceed On Recess Without Buhari’s Ministerial List

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingMembers of the Senate will begin their eight-week annual recess this month even if President Muhammadu Buhari fails to submit the list of his ministerial nominees for their consideration and approval. Investigations by our correspondent at the upper legislative chamber on Friday revealed that the senators were not really anxious about the list.
There are also indications that the red chamber will not delay the commencement of their recess on July 26 because of the list.
Buhari has yet to constitute his cabinet more than four months after winning the February 23 presidential election.
Most of the senators, who spoke with our correspondent on condition of anonymity, lamented Buhari’s administrative style.
They, however, said the President’s failure to unveil his ministerial nominees for confirmation would not stop them from proceeding on their annual recess.
A senator from the South-East said, “What I know is that we will ensure proper screening of all the nominees and we won’t allow anybody to rush us.
“The best time to attend to the list is now, not when we would have a few days left to proceed on recess.”
A female senator also admitted that the President was unnecessarily delaying the list.

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Bussy Ola

Why is Buhari still delaying the ministerial appointment . ?

Bussy Ola

Baba go slow

Endy Edeson

Busy Ola, he is taking his time to get the right people in his cabinet

Eze Osimiri

Did u just said four months;; did the ministers resigned their respective positions/porfiolos before the election or few days to been reinagurated as a cousin Endy pls I'm behind you but I think this post is inciting........and as such should be reviewed.......thanks and God bless you for me.......I love you!!!

Endy Edeson

Eze Osimiri truth be told, without sentiments . It is taking the president too long to appoint his ministers

Chikadibia Martin

Buhari said.. No ministerial list until after the mumbo jumbo between him and Atiku Abubabaka.

Orvesen Terjam

Its very unfortunate, some will think the delay is getting best hands to man the ministries, but boom, it will be a shock that this govt is taking forever to reappoint those quacks back. 80-90% of this delayed cabinet will bring back his cabals.

Kenneth Onyebuchi

Why are you people expecting ministerial lists by now from Baba go slow, Buhari? Remember the first stanza took six cool months to assemble his impeccable technocrats and economic experts. So this one will take at least nine months or one year to avoid any mistakes.

Babatunde Morenikeji Omoba

It an necessary delay the president should do the needful bcos our economy enter comatose
1WowReplyDelete8 hours ago

Emma O. Akpasubi

When did the Senate resumed that they would be going on recess now. Constitutional? Then it is part of the problem with the constitution that was designed to put the military in power perpetually. Shame!
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