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Friday, August 2, 2019

You Have To Stay Motivated, Don't Give Up !

Image may contain: 1 person, beard, selfie and closeupHi guys, my name is Endy Edeson, the editor-in-chief of Edeson Online News and CEO of Edeson InfoTech Global Services. Welcome to the new month of August 2019.
How has the year been? Have you been able to achieve some of your goals? You should make conscious efforts in achieving them. It’s already August 2019, the year is gradually coming to an end? As for me, the year has been productive. I spend time working on my clients’ jobs and making sure my team delivers good results. I am here in Lagos to provide business solutions. 
People who achieve their goals know what they want: Ask any successful person about his success and he will tell you that he planned for it long ago. Before I became a professional blogger and Website Designer I had worked for it for years. I spent my last ‘KOBO’ to buy books, do research, attend seminars and of course with my university education. There is a big difference between just wanting something and having passion for it.
People who achieve their goals don't know what helplessness means. People who reach their life goals never stop when they face obstacle but they just think of another way to accomplish their goals. So, keep chasing your dreams. You will succeed no matter what. 
Don't play the blame game: People who achieve their life goals take full responsibility of everything that happens in their lives. Some people blame their failure on government, family, friends, etc. If you are serious about achieving your life goals, then you must learn how to take the responsibility of everything that is going in your life.
Full control of life’s constant changes: Life is constantly changing and we’re changing with it. We’re not the same person we were a year ago, a month ago, or a week ago. Life’s cycle doesn’t stop. Change is what it’s all about. But every ending is the beginning of something else. Every exit is an entry somewhere else. Live, learn, and let go. Don’t hold yourself down with the changes you can’t control. The best thing you can do is to let go of what you can’t control, and invest your energy in the things you can.
If you want to achieve something, you'll have to leave your comfort zone which could be uninspiring environment or negative people. If you face failures in the beginning, don't let it discourage you.
Make a to-do-list of the things you want to achieve this year (as it is running out) and start working on it. Don’t be discourage if you did not achieve everything on the list. If you are able to achieve at least 6 out of 10 things on your to-do-list, you have to be grateful and thankful. Don’t ever think of having everything you desire. The beauty of life is the appreciation of the ‘’LITTLE’’ things we have accomplished in life.


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