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Thursday, September 19, 2019

How To Apply For Molise Immigration, Italy Offering Nigerians ₦10M To Stay In Their Village

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This is to inform all the people who truly want to travel to Molise, Italy but don't know how to go about it, that I now have the documentation. After I published the article, I have been receiving calls across Nigeria, so I decided to do research and got vital information which I think will help you travel.
In my blog post, I shared Molise region official website written entirely in Italian language, many of my friends and followers found it difficult to translate it to English so they can understand how to go about it.
The good news is, I have successfully translated all the documentations in Italian language to English language using my ICT tools. The documents contains the application form and all the requirements.
Molise is an underpopulated region in southern Italy offering newcomers, including Nigerians €700 per month for three years to live in one of its villages, and the newcomer must pledge to open a business. Note this: Molise is developed with basic amenities not really like a "Nigerian village". They only lack population.
If you are interested in traveling to Molise, let me know. If you live in Lagos, you can book an appointment to meet me so I can handover the documents to you. Remember Application closes November 30, 2019 but you have to be fast to be among the chosen ones.
I wish you the best as you travel to Molise to do business. 

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Ikwuamaka Nwazuru

Who see my wallet ! I need to start making arrangements

Victor Eke

I'm interested

Arthur Sochima

How can one apply for it, how can the form reach me?

Renner Adejo

Yes o!! But pls ask very well o if old person can go too because this there new policy want to make me run from this country if possible.

Wisdom Udoh

So that when the same flood and hurricane that ravage the entire area and the former residence populace resurfaces in the nearest future as usual, our beloved Nigerian citizens relocating now for the greener pasture in Molise, Italy would have meet their doom, right! Why is it always Nigerians anywhere in the world? It hurts me and we really need to jettison this kind of thinking.

Aristotle Plato

I think this modern day slavery

Roseline Yucee Amua

Endy Edeson am interested o...will call you.

Tee Ruby

Please those of u travelling, keep in touch with me for exportation business

Aristotle Plato

We are willing to live in another man's abandoned village but we are reluctant to travel to our own village to visit our aging and dying parents even if its for a day. Please who did we offend?
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