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Friday, December 27, 2019

Omoyele Sowore nominated for United States Prisoner Of Conscience Honour Award

Omoyele Sowore has been nominated and may be given the ‘Prisoner of Conscience honour award’ by the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of the United States House of Representatives.
Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission, is charged with promoting, defending and advocating for international human rights.
U.S lawmaker, Josh Gottheimer, sponsored Sowore’s nomination. According to him, “For months now, I have been working closely with the Sowore family, the Haworth community, the State Department, and my colleagues to advocate on Yele’s (Omoyele) behalf.
“We are urging the Nigerian Government to protect Yele’s safety, provide him with the due process he deserves, and ultimately permit
him to return home as soon as possible.
“We will continue watching the situation in Nigeria, a democracy seeking closer ties with the United States, to make sure the government respects basic human rights.”


Oladeinde Akin Oluwanifemi

It as gotten to the stage that united state will now be using commands for Buhari and he dare not disobey. Buhari has finally turn Sowore to a real presidential candidate.
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Uchenna Stanley

Buhari and his cronies has successfully made this man popular...

Akenzuwa Phillip Ebu

Does that change his bail conditions? Does it change the fact that, he cannot go outside of Abuja? Does it gives him back his international passport?🤗🤔😂👈

Abdulaziz Mohammed Mabas

Freedom fighter congratulations!

Boma Pepple-Uduebor

The Yeles on the win again

Sunday James Coolspirit

Bubu making everyone popular

Martins Agbaje

Go ahead

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