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Thursday, May 27, 2021

Made-In-Nigeria Helicopters Will Be Ready To Fly By The End Of This Year

 The country’s dream to launch Made-in-Nigeria helicopter before the end of this year is gradually coming to fulfillment as the project has entered an assessment stage by the aviation authorities.

This is as the officers from the Ministry of Aviation and its agencies visited NASENI Solar Energy Limited where the NASENI Helicopter Hanger and Helipad

are housed in Abuja for on-site assessment and evaluation of NASENI Helicopter.

In his opening remarks, the Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive of NASENI Engr. Mohammad Sani Haruna, who was represented by the Managing Director NASENI Solar Energy Limited, Engr. Dr. Mahmoud Jaffaru, said the agency was ready to accept any suggestions and support from the aviation ministry that would lead to the successful completion of the project within the time frame given to the agency by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He noted that it was the desire of the agency to manufacture made-in-Nigeria Helicopter that is of international standards and help in boosting the nation’s economy.

According to him, NASENI has massive land mass that would accommodate all the operational activities.

“We have expertise for developing the helicopter and we do things according to laid-down rules. We are ready to work with you to achieve this project,” he said.


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Oluwatobi Joel Adegoke

See Nigerians and the way we reason. They will always condemn local product. It's a laudable development. This is exactly what China is doing.

Adenike Orenowo

Na you go be the first passenger
LikeReactReplyDelete6 hours ago

Bestie Angos

Who wan enter made in Niger helicopter?🤣

Chinedu Udeogalanya

Hope it will be compulsorily used by the president and presidency.
LikeReactReplyDelete6 hours ago

Jegede Olanrewaju

Made or clone in Nigeria...this country kills dreams and wouldn't let things like this see the light of the day

Danny Abu Kads

Please I need one for my private use.

Isiaq Zakariyah

That's how unpatriotic and senseless many Nigerian youths think. They will always send bad signal to the world about their country and later blame the government when the outcome of their propaganda comes to play. They were shouting recently that some companies went to Ghana to establish instead of Nigeria whereas, they have used the social media to send wrong and bad signal to the world. Yet, they blamed the government.
Now, government tries to make rails of train, some went to cut it just to make trains derail on it. If government have not been on alert to get the information, reasons would have derailed and kill so many people. And then, our youths will rush to the social media to celebrate their achievement, saying, nothing good comes from their country.
Even, it Buhari has never done anything, he made new standard gauge rails which no president has ever done in the history of Nigeria because the old rail version were done by the colonial Masters.
He's been the government that interested on Innoson motors most. I watched Innoson saying it on TV that it was BOI that gave him the loan to expand. Yet, we have not seen that.
Not, he's collaborating to make helicopter 🚁, some are telling the world that it's fake, yet, they will want other countries to patronize it. If they don't based on their unpatriotic statement, the youths will come out to celebrate it that other countries don't buy from us, calling their country a cursed land.
Yet, they cry wolf that the government is not providing job.
It's up to you. We just need to know that no country excell without patriotic citizens.
I know, if the helicopter were to have been from South Africa, they will happily come to social media to celebrate them to establish that they are better growing than their own country. Even if South Africa always kills their brothers. What a people!

Gold Bassey

Count me out please, am done reading!!!!!!!!

Gifted Kpogbara

I will not enter.

Henry Ukpono Obong

Best of the country,we could do more.. gradually we are getting there. God bless the President and the federal Republic of Nigeria
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