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Sunday, July 18, 2021

WhatsApp To Let People Message Without Using Their Phone

At present, WhatsApp is linked to a user's phone. Its desktop and web apps need that device to be connected and receiving messages.

But the new feature will let users send and receive messages "even if your phone battery is dead".

Up to four other devices - like PCs and tablets - can be used together, WhatsApp said.

To begin with, the new feature will be rolled out as a beta test for a "small group of users", and the team plans to improve performance and add features before enabling it for everyone.

End-to-end encryption - a key selling point for WhatsApp - will still work under this new system, it said.

Several other messaging apps already have such a feature, including rival encrypted app Signal, which requires a phone for sign-up, but not to exchange messages.

But the feature has long been requested by WhatsApp users - of which there are a reported two billion.

'A rethink'

In a blog post announcing the move,Facebook engineers said the change needed a "rethink" of WhatsApp's software design.

That is because the current version "uses a smartphone app as the primary device, making the phone the source of truth for all user data and the only device capable of end-to-end encrypting messages for another user [or] initiating calls", the company said.

WhatsApp Web and other non-smartphone apps are essentially a "mirror" of what happens on the phone.

But that system has significant drawbacks familiar to many regular users, as the web app is known to frequently disconnect.


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Fyne Ndamzi

They're just increasing vulnerability to enable them spy more... It'll loose the end to end security technically.

Endy Edeson

Fyne Ndamzi

But it will give more people access to WhatsApp on different devices

Adebiyi Y Israel

We don't understand the news
How will you send message then without your device?

Endy Edeson

Adebiyi; it means WhatsApp will officially allow people to send messages via computer , not just phones

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