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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Apple Bans Quran App In China For Promoting illegal Religious Messages.

 Apple has taken down one of the world's most popular Quran apps in China, following a request from officials. Quran Majeed is available across the world on the App Store - and has nearly 150,000 reviews. It is used by millions of Muslims.

The BBC understands that the app was removed for hosting illegal religious texts.

The Chinese government has not responded to the BBC's request for comment.

The deletion of the app was first noticed by Apple Censorship - a website that monitors apps on Apple's App Store globally.

In a statement from the app's maker, PDMS, the company said: "According to Apple, our app Quran Majeed has been removed from the China App store because it includes content that requires additional documentation from Chinese authorities".

"We are trying to get in touch with the Cyberspace Administration of China and relevant Chinese authorities to get this issue resolved".

The company said it had close to one million users in China.

The Chinese Communist Party officially recognises Islam as a religion in the country.

However, China has been accused of human rights violations, and even genocide, against the mostly Muslim Uyghur ethnic group in Xinjiang.


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Dukezy Koko Duke

If to na nigeria apple do this thing to. Aboki for don stop peoples from using anything apple product, even with the one wey we dey eat. Bicos na mumu dey rule us.

Yahaya S Muhammed

They do nothing, Qur'an was the only book according to the history that it's followers took it offhandedly, memorize it, imagine all the copy are to burn now, so this can't affect Qur'an and it would never damage a single verse according to what's in the millions brains of Muslims.
Olakunle Ogundare, profile picture
Olakunle Ogundare
Yahaya S Muhammed na lie it can never be 100... More

Adavize O Mahmud

We have the Qur'an in our memory, if you like ban all of it, we will started writing them on a sheet again. We are aware about the war against Islam but this is not the religion of anybody's father but a true religion from Allah.

If it was Bible that was to be barn in Nigeria, we won't have been quite like this.
Solomon Alexander, profile picture
Solomon Alexander
Adavize O Mahmud how is Nigeria affected? Nawa for... More

Agboola A Isaac

What this one saying

Solomon Alexander

Nigerian Muslim will soon protest.

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