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Friday, May 13, 2022

Deborah Burnt To Death By Muslims For Insulting Mohammed In Sokoto State

Deborah Samuel Burnt To Death By Angry Muslims For Insulting Prophet Mohammed On Student Whatsapp Group Chat At Shehu Shagari College Of Education Sokoto State.

The purported reason Deborah Samuel, the female student of Shehu Shagari College of Education, Sokoto was killed and her body burnt by a mob today has been revealed.

According to Twitter users, Deborah had shared a voice note on her class Whatsapp group in which she challenged her colleagues who were posting religious information there.

She spoke in Hausa, however, according to a Twitter user who did the translation, Deborah was quoted to have said;

"Holy Ghost Fire, nothing's going to happen to me, you should know what to be sending to this group, it's not that the group was created to be sending nonsense, the group was created for posting things like, test assignment e.t.c. not the nonsense you are posting, no be only prophet, you are coming to play on me." The nonsense she referred to is the religious posts."

Her comments were said to have irked some of her colleagues who felt she disrespected Prophet Mohammed, and threatened to deal with her. When the tension was high, the school authorities took her to the security room to give her some protection. However, the enraged students overpowered the security officers, dragged Deborah out, and beat her until she died before setting her corpse on fire.




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Lad Lad

Even after her death,some people still dey fight for Mohammed wey dem never see before..you only heard it...if you dare come under my post and type rubbish...na my isango go kill you... useless people..heaven and paradise that doesn't even exist... foolish Africans..mumu pro max

Lawal Kolawole

It's very sad and very unfortunate this is not the right way to practice Islamic

Philip Yakubu Yamai

Your God is powerless that's why you fight for him

Boutoru Law Ebis

Where is the insult on Mohammed here?
That was her reply here that has lead to her death
May be an image of text that says 'poeos peoples gazette "Our WhatsApp group was created for assignments, tests, exams; not religious messages," said slain Deborah Samuel The voice message elicited the fury of fanatic coursemates and schoolmates who found her comment unflattering to their Islamic beliefs.'

Isiaq Zakariyah

It is sad that thugs are also existing in our higher institutions. Our cultural diversity and religious differences are expected to make us learn other people's thought and behaviours so that we live with them in peace. I've never been to the core North but I know what could cause trouble among them. Then, I need not provoke them. If one understands the concept of LETTING THE SLEEPING DOG SLEEP, she might not become a victim of circumstances. The reality is that a dead man can never get any justice because even killing those that killed her does not bring her back to life.
Now to the evil perpetrators, apart from sinning against the law of the land, they have sinned against Allah and shall be punished dually. Knowledge of adherents of any faith is very important. Because, practicing your religion on the basis of ignorance is destructive to you and to others

Amos Dominic Tampi

Stop Calling Them Religious Fanatics Please,What They Are Doing Is A Direct Commandment Given To Them By Their Ledears To Kill Whoever Insults Or Say Anything Bad About Their Evil Religion,Have You Not Heard Or Watched A Video Where An Imam Was Preaching In The Moques That Has Gone Viral On The Internet,Saying allah Bless Those Who Killed And Will Kill For Their god, allah And mohammed???

Williams Unalegh

This is really a sad one! People are over taking law into their hands,and abuse of human rights is overwhelming! May justice prevail on this.
What she said was not enough to be killed for crying out loud! Weti?

Ohenhen Enogie

This is why I love the old testament an eye for an eye
New testament don spoil christians finishes for Nigeria

Peterside Arinzechukwu Nwanonenyi

Why are we in the same country with these type of people? God please have mercy. RIP Deborah
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