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Friday, May 27, 2022

Difference Between Menstruation Blood & Blood Of Istihaadah

 We know what menstruation means. According to Oxford dictionary, "It is the process in a woman of discharging blood and other material from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until the menopause, except during pregnancy."

Al-istihaadah” means irregular, non-menstrual vaginal bleeding.

This is different from menstrual bleeding. It is governed by rulings that differ from that governing menstruation.

1. Menstrual blood is black [dark red] whilst the blood of istihaadah is red.

2. Menstrual blood is thick and heavy, whilst the blood of istihaadah is thin.

3. Menstrual blood has an offensive odour whilst the blood of istihaadah does not because it comes from an ordinary vein.

4. Menstrual blood does not clot when it comes out of the body whilst the blood of istihaadah does clot because it comes from a vein.

Rulings on Istihaadah

These are:
1. Ghusl (Ritual Bath) is obligatory in the case of menstruation and the blood is impure, whilst ghusl is not required in the case of istihaadah.

2. Woman is not allowed to pray during menstruation, whilst a woman is allowed to pray if the bleeding is istihaadah. She has to do wudu’ for each prayer if the flow of blood continues to the next prayer and if blood comes out whilst she is praying, it does not matter.

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Abdul Ibrahim

After reading the whole of this content, I'm trying to read again and confirm if truly, I didn't learn something new

Musa Abbo Bayero

You've tried on this one. That is the kind of news I Long to read from you. May Allah showers His knowledge upon us all. Afdal juma at Edeson my friend.

Progress Baadom

Confused people, No groups of people can challenge God.

Yahaya S Muhammed

This is true this contents that one cannot found in other religion,

Istihadah was vaginal bleeding women undergoes at times other than those known for mensuration and postnatal bleeding, the istihadah in women was happened as a result of cutting of a blood vessel and the blood most be freshly red it continue bleeding until the cutting has been cured,

Not any blood most be part of mensuration it depending on circumstances and nature of the blood, according to subject purification in Islam the blood coming out to the women vagina were almost classified into six groups each one differ from one another.

I don't have much time to explain because the knowledge regarding women vagina were very wide enough to commented as such.

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