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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

OAP Jimi Disu Threatened For Saying That Peter Obi Can't Win 2023 Presidential Election

Popular Lagos Radio Presenter Jimi Disu Threatened On Live Show By Angry Peter Obi Supporters For Saying That Obi Can Never Be President Of Nigeria In 2023

A popular radio Presenter of Nigeria Info 99.3fm Lagos, Jimi Disu seems to be in deep trouble after he said Peter Obi can never be president of Nigeria in 2023 because he is inexperience , lacks political structure, cannot get majority votes in the north. Even if he becomes president of Nigeria, the Senate can easily impeach him because his labour party cannot win majority of the seats in the lower and upper legislative chambers.

The program titled "Daily Digest with Jimi Disu" was closely monitored by Endy Edeson, the editor of Edeson Online News, Lagos.

The veteran journalist Jimi Disu who "claims" to be unbiased with his views, however, stated that he never expected Tinubu to emerge presidential flag-bearer for the APC, noting that he prefers Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi to be APC Presidential Candidate.
According to him, "Set sentiments apart, the only political parties that exists in Nigeria are PDP and APC"

Edeson Online News reports that many listeners became very angry after Jimi Disu belittled Peter Obi presidential ambition. They started insulting Jimi on air while he was presenting the programme.

After his programme ended, angry callers started calling on another programme titled "WhatsUp Lagos" which supposed to be a happy radio show. About 80% of the callers derailed the "WhatsUp Lagos" by telling the presenters that Jimi Disu annoyed them, some even threatened to attack him if they see him on the road.

Nigeria Info 99.3fm momentarily stopped picking calls, started playing music and adverts because almost all the callers were yelling and shouting, "Where Is Jimi Disu? We have lost our respect for him. How can an elderly man like him belittle Peter Obi. Infact, wealther Jimi likes or not Peter Obi will become president of Nigeria in 2023"


1. Are Peter Obi Supporters Very Aggressive ?

2. Was Jimi Disu biased And Unprofessional For Saying That Peter Obi Can Never Be President In 2023 ?




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Royal Est

Igbo's go and change your way you will never know how to play politics with this your hate and anger politics , jimi is very right after 2023 Una eyes go clear

Hamidu Usman Isa

There's nothing you cannot see or hear from an IPOB turned Obi supp0rters😂

Very rude, aggress!ve and insens!tive bunch of thugs...

Not all of them sha but most of them.

Cyril Peter

That radio presenter and the radio station should be suspended for such derogatory term used against Peter Obi. How can he say that Peter Obi will never be President. Is Peter Obi not a Nigerian with freedom to aspire for any political office?

Progress Baadom

Is a bitter truths

Isiaq Zakariyah

That's exactly what they are. They can abuse! It shows how immature most of his followers are. They don't respect people for having difference in choice

Jman Ibochi

I begin to read comments from Yorubas and abokis their brothers in crime, anything that doesn't come from their pples them can never support even if them know the truth that why the country will continue to to remain under fulanis, am not Igbo or yuraba neither Hausa but the truth most be told

Empress Chisom Cynthia

Obi 🇳🇬✔️

Sunday Coolspirit James

He got what he was looking for. Vawlence fully served in full

Michael Ngobidi

Tinubulation has bribed the fools to talk trash.

Ephraim Agujiegbe

Peter Obi is for all Nigerian youths . He is going to win
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