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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Alcohol Banned In Qatar World Cup Stadiums But Lesbians, Gays Are Allowed To Hug & Kiss

 Gay couples will be able to openly hold hands, cuddle and kiss at the Qatar World Cup, despite public displays of affection being outlawed by the Arab state, it has been revealed.

Despite the new development, it's feared that once the World Cup is over, LGBTQ+ people in the country who enjoy the temporary freedom will be punished anyway.

According to Mail Online, FIFA has held secret meetings with Qatar's Interior Ministry and persuaded it to stop officers from its Preventive Security Department from arresting gay supporters at the World Cup.

Undercover spies from the ministry were reported to be set to mingle among fans and haul so-called offenders into custody.

In a late decision, the Qatari officials are saying they saw what alcohol could do at the Euros in 2020 and will not want that around the stadiums.

Alcohol will no longer be sold around World Cup stadiums in Qatar.

Alcohol will not be sold inside or around the perimeter of stadiums at the 2022 Qatar World Cup.


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