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Monday, January 8, 2024

Prophet T.B Joshua Biological Daughter Reveals How He Constantly Abused Her


A three-part investigative documentary done by the BBC has revealed how the late Nigerian Pastor, Temitope Balogun Joshua, better known as TB Joshua constantly abused and tortured his daughter, Ajoke.

In the documentary, TB Joshua's disciples claimed that Ajoke was gotten outside lawful marriage and was subjected to a series of torture and humiliation by the late cleric who viewed her existence as a big threat to his reputation as a man of God.

Ajoke claimed that she never felt fatherly affection from the late pastor and that her father compelled her to be a disciple to ruin her life.

She said, "It was very difficult to watch this man preach every Sunday. Topics about love and about mercy. They feel very strange coming from his lips. I stared myself in the mirror lots of times, so maybe I didn't look like him. Maybe. For as long as I can remember, I had been raised as TB Joshua's daughter."

"That kind of pain cannot be put into words. I feel like, you know, maybe I really don’t deserve to be alive. We are talking about years and years of abuse, consistent abuse, abuse that wasn't ending," she said.

She added that other disciples also joined her father to compound the humiliation.

She said, "The disciples were both brainwashed and enablers. Everybody was just acting based on commands like zombies. Nobody was questioning beyond fanatics. Where does your conscience come? How far can your conscience go without some form of accountability?"

"I knew the child, Ajoke, right from birth. She's his actual daughter. His biological daughter from another woman outside of wedlock," one of the disciples also gave his remark on Ajoke's relationship with TB Joshua.

"Ajoke grew inside the Synagogue like an outcast. I think he wanted to keep her secret. I don't think he wanted anyone to know who she was. The message about Ajoke was that she had terrible evil spirits that needed to be driven out," another female disciple revealed.

"He hated her, and he punished her for being born. Her existence was probably the biggest threat to his reputation. What's her fault? What has that girl done? It pains me she was still very young that time. Can you imagine how heartless we were?" the disciple added.


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Amara Bella

Why did she confess it when he was alive. Ndị mgbu

Luke Afolabi Olabisi

Only God knows what is hidden. Why are these words coming out now that the prophet is late? Some people says all his miracles are fake. If truly is faking it Nigeria, what about in abroad? What about all his prophecies that usually come to pass. Thank God his daughter didnt say he slept with her. TB Joshua was a great Man of God. Based on his teachings n his ways of practicing the religions. May his soul continue to rest in peace.

Khing Iyalse Precxous

Why did the daughter or those so called disciples say all these things when he was alive? Can a dead man defend himself? Nonsense revelation. They should have said these lies when he was alive

Adeola Olu Mide

So we sud fry water now abi?

Oluwatobi Joel Adegoke

I've just gone through 51 minutes of the damning BBC documentary of TB Joshua, Ep. 1.
My first observation is that the BBC is pained that a black man could have so much dominance over a white man.
Secondly, the miracles he performed were too many and too nasty to be botched.
Thirdly, he exhibited some behaviours that are unworthy of a man of God. However, a lot of men of God possess these behaviours and God still uses them probably because of the covenant He (God) has with them. These are the Achilles' heels of a lot of prophets today. They think that they are still right with God because they are performing miracles. They don't know that they are merely empty vessels. God is a respecter of his words and covenant, and that's what distinguishes him from humans. A man of God can perform miracles due to the covenant God has with him but yet drift away far from God. Finally, I'm still seeing a lot of testimonies and love been shown to late Prophet TB Joshua, right on the BBC platform that is meant to castigate him. I'll go for Ep.2 tomorrow. Stay blessed!

Luke Akpovwovwo Ideh

Some of u pastors children are disgrace to Christianity sometimes u make people not to believe that God call ur father. How can u b a pastor child and u are smoking, womanizing, cultist, drug addicts all manner of vices are found in you. Even juju priest children better pass some of ona

Kelvin Ademeso

If he did not keep her inside were he go out her ? For ashawo junction or hookup all this na nonsense

Egwu Anthony Young

Michael Jackson was a victim now TB Joshua why always after Dead
1LikeReplyDelete5 hours ago

Ugo Awa

This man tormented and subdued the kingdom of darkness for long when he was alive, so am not surprised these stories are being told about him to discredit him

Ogbeni Hakinro

For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light.

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