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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Photos Of Car Manufacturing Plant Located In Kano State Nigeria

Image may contain: one or more peopleAs Anambra is home to Innoson Motors such can be said of Kano State to many assembly plants in the country. One of the silent automobile company we have in Nigeria is National Truck Manufacturers LTD (NTM) also known as Gidan Fiat. NTM is based in Zaria road, Kano State, according to reports, the plant has have been silently manufacturing heavy-duty trucks, tippers, light-duty trucks, agricultural tractors, pick-ups as well as motorcycles for over 10 years.
One of the big achievements of NTM Ltd is that they are basically an ingenious company with staffs that locally assemble the trucks, buses and Keke Napep. Base on our little investigation, the trucks are shipped into Nigeria as CKD and they are assembled in Kano from there it gets to their respective clients and agents.
It will be recalled that the Goodluck Jonathan administration in 2013 introduced the National Automotive Policy to encourage production of vehicles in Nigeria and discourage importations. Before the policy came into being import duty on vehicles coming into Nigeria was 10 percent with an additional 10 surcharge effectively making it 20 percent. But what Jonathan did was to raise it up to 35 percent plus 35 percent surcharge to effectively make it 70 percent, thus, making Nigeria ports uncompetitive compared to West and Central Africa.
What is surprising about NTM Ltd is that they have no presence online as even their website is down, AutoReportNG managed to get a phone and we put a call through, the responder confirmed that they are truly existing and when we probed further on why the silence and why their works are not online as other firms, he said, the company is working to revive the website and also they will be on social media soon.
We look forward to when that will be. These are images from the assembly plant in Kano State. A Cross Section of Bikes and Keke Napep Manufacturing and Assembly.
The company started in in 1975 as a joint venture between federal government and Italian automaker fiat in Kano. After the SAP by babangida, it went bankrupt.
For 17 years it wasn’t functional until 2003 when Obasanjo administration privatized it and sold the 75% stake of the FGN to Mr. Ibrahim who is from Kano state. The company imports most their parts CKD with reduced duty fee and assembles them at their plant. There is some local content used customization components for local market.

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Endy Edeson

This kind of car
Image may contain: outdoor

Endy Edeson

And this one
Image may contain: outdoor

Ushana Bozz Adzege

It's not in Zaria. Zaria is in Kaduna. It's along Zaria Road, Na'ibawa, Kano.

Harzeez Falcon

Are u sure dey manufacture there?
Or dey only assemble it there

Daniel Orji

How long has this been existing in kano

Niyeck Nandack

Good news. Glad to know that all is not doom and gloom in Nigeria. But FG should give them incentives to encourage them..

Femi Gbambisomo

pont of correction the plant is at Zaria road in kano not Zaria, Zaria is in Kaduna not kano

Robinson Emeke Ikebueze

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan's magical and innovative policy brought the plant back to life but some imbeciles would open their gutter mouths to call him clueless and would even foolishly, deceitfully and wickedly claim that PDP did nothing for 16 years. Na only God go judge the people that are in this category of very malicious liars.
Endy Edeson, thank you very much for the report. The whole world can now see that Jonathan did a lot to bring improvement on the Nigerian economy and on so many aspects of life in Nigeria. Truth would always triumph over lie.

Victorious Victor

Wow....my jaw dropped. I'm flabbergasted
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