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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Nigeria Now The Highest Producer Of Rice In Africa

Image may contain: foodNigeria has overtaken Egypt as the largest rice producer in Africa. Nigeria now produces 8 million tonnes out of the Africa average of 14.6 million tonnes of rice annually. Egypt used to produce 4.3 tonnes annually but suffered a decline of almost 40 percent in the last one year.


Yusuf Umaru

Fools denying report by FAO, because of hatred

Shotunde Elizabeth

Is it that stone rice you are talking about or what??

Godday Iloma

Wy Nigerians like lie like dis

Agada Ifeanyi

And the rice is too expensive

Oluremi Adekunle Okunlola

Which one stone rice?

John Valentine

With this quantity

Vinkano Vincent

Thanks to buhari

Rufus Ejemeare Daniel

Congratulations to stones eaters

Eze Osimiri

I have always known he going to deliver....
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