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Monday, November 29, 2021

Snakes Can't Live Inside Soak Away , Stop Pouring Salt Inside Your Toilet

Below is how a health expert explained it;

Snakes can't live inside soakaway. The gas alone in your soakaway will kill them. Just incase you don't know, the gas inside your soakaway can generate electricity.

Again I ask, does the Snake live inside your poo Or they float ontop of poo?

Do you know your bathing soap water also goes into that soakaway, both the waste water from your kitchen? Do you know soaps carry chemicals that are harmful?

Again an average building has over 6 Chambers, think of it, for a snake to live inside soakaway and still find it way to a w.c, it means it must past many Chambers,so tell me. How possible is that?

Also it is completely madness living a storey building yet you are afraid that Snake will crawl out from your W.C, how?
it can never happen, thats because the 4inch pipe that carry your poo from the w.c to the soakaway has a smooth surface, Snake can not comfortable crawl on it. It not possible.

Now is it possible for Snake to crawl out from your W.C? yes it is. But that can only happen if you stay in a bungalow, ground floor and you have a breakage in the service chamber that has direct link to your w.c, I mean direct link to the toilet.

So please those of you that are busy flushing fuel and salt inside ur soakaway, sorry you are just wasting your money.

So hear it now, Snake can only come out from your W.C if you have a broken Chamber that is directly linked to you toilet.

Snakes don't live inside your soakaway because snakes too need oxygen.



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Constantine Esibe Ifeanyi

Forget this story. How do you explain the ones that have been happening? We need to be careful that's all.

Obesi Ben Otas

I have told people same thing but they refuse to hear me.

Binta Isa

Abi they send to the lady? Cos in this part of the world hmmm fear them. May God help us

Sesugh Robert Shekua

My New Format Of Pooing
No photo description available.

Dean Ojarikre Aganbi

But I've heard about cobra living in the soakaway countless times and they even crow like the cock at night. I'm still wondering how comfortable it is for a snake to be living in such environment.
I think there is more to this that we don't understand yet because one may still wonder why cockroach find the same soakaway as its niche, live and lay eggs there, they will eventually get hatched and at the end you will see them coming into the house from the same water flush points.

Arthur Kelechi, profile picture
Arthur Kelechi
Dean Ojarikre Aganbi that's frog ni

Alezino De Hero

Thanks for the info

Dumo Fiala

And again most of the WC snake do comes out from is linked directly to River channels, big gutters . Those who don't have soak way pit.

Evangelist Oluwaniyi Salvation

Snakes do lives inside water but not the case, snakes love to stay in cold area whenever there's heat, mostly during dry season when we use to kill them inside whole in the farm. Watch and always check on your broken chambers. And for those that lives in a place where snakes are rampant, you can find snakes anywhere at anytime. Don't go to the toilet and sit on the wc and be pressing phone when You supposed excrete just for a minute and leave. Be watchful all the time
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